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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by JLB611, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Not wanting to even find out sounds like a smart decision! I'm not going to experiment with my machine either. But mine weighs about a thousand pounds and a lot, I think most, of that weight is in the deck, so I'm skeptical that it would start to tip at 25 degrees even with someone sitting in the seat.
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    Talking about being concerned about slipping and not tipping over. What is the best way to mow, side to side, up and down, or at an angle (diagonal)?
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    If you do a search on that topic, you may see conflicting answers. And by the way, I've also heard of suggestions to use AG (Agricultural) tires for better traction (but not too good for the grass I suppose), and filling tires with windshield-wiper fluid or some other antifreeze solution to add weight to them. But I believe the best suggestion of all if you are on any kind of rider mower is to simply stay off any slope with more than a 15-degree pitch. Below that, certainly under 10 degrees, I don't think it really matters.
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    Not sure if your still looking for a mower - nor do i know how much your willing to spend?

    But the mower which would be best for your slope is a walk behind (most for your money) or a "walker" brand mower.

    You can find walk behind units at your local dealers (pick one you trust!)

    Below is the link to a consumer grade "walker" - which would be more then enough mower for your home. If looking, make sure you purchase "AT" tires so you'll be able to maneuver in any direction on the slope. And be sure to look into the upgraded (padded) seat with arm rest for a sense of security.


    I've mowed up to 29 degrees so far with a "walker" in ever direction and never lost control. We took a mid mount mower on the same slope - we were able to drive up the hill, however we didn't have any control driving down or sideways on the slope.

    If you don't have a "walker" dealer, you may try other front mount mowers (grass hopper)

    Best of luck!

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