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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by miltbur, Nov 1, 2007.

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    which mower would you say best to go with? a new toro 52/23 hp triton deck or used scag turf tiger 500 hrs excellent condition. Tell me what influenced your choice? Thanks
  2. miltbur

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    Turf tiger is 52 inch 23hp
  3. So easy ..............Turf tiger
    Toro/exmark pumps are weak. If you plan on mowing on any hills you better go with the scag. I just bought a tt with 500 hrs. I am so impressed with it. Back in the summer I was using a brand new toro on a steep slope. It would break loose on it every time. That's a dry hill.............Yesterday morning with a light frost (wet)I was able to mow the hill with tt. It did leave tire marks but didn't slip at all. The toro from this summer is gone! I will never buy another one. The bad thing is my future father in law is toro sales rep for the sports turf and golf equipment side. I will be missing out on discounts but I need to be safe on mow-able hills. Sorry I am not impressed with the exmark z's either. The one we have to use at the fire dept will cut great but slips on hills too............I do think Exmark makes the best walk behind ...........Ecs hand controls rock. I tried the new scag and toro t2' at the expo and was really disappointed. I was wanting to stay all scag but I can't with how the exmark walk behind is made. I am looking for a exmark 48 turf tracer ecs hydro if anyone has one for sale .........
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    It depends on what your using the lawn mower for. What will u be using it for? I love the way my exmark handles and cuts but i cant stand it on hills. Its terrible.

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