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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jimmy348, Apr 18, 2003.

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    i happned to walk in the lesco store at the right time had a sale on everything during march... for walk behinds around 600 off.. i got the 52" for 600 off and then it had 34.3 hrs on it cause people demoed it outside on the lesco lawn so they knocked anoterh 200 off it so i saved $800 off my 2003 lesco 52" walk behind it eneded up costing the sale price of the 48" at 3,200. get first mower... although i am considering the deisel exmark z turn for a 35 acre set of propeties x35 cuts a year.. will more than pay the 14,000 required to purchase the deisel and then they want leaves so another 1,400 .. anyone know anything bout the deisel version?
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    All those pictures of the guy with the Exmark banner wore me down.
    Lazer HP, 52" 23 hp
    Best investment thus far
    Thanks for the input
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    Now Put the Ultravac On It!
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    And please tell the "out the door" price of a setup like that!!

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