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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nika_darb, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. nika_darb

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    I need some advice on a new mower purchase.

    I'm definitely getting a ZTR, something in the 48" $6000 range. The dealer carries ExMark, Scag, Hustler, and Grasshopper.

    He recommended the Scag Cub 48" with 20hp Kohler and I'm strongly leaning towards it. It is $5995. It is a little cheaper than the others, they run between $6100 and $6800 for this size.

    Is this a decent price for this machine? And looking for your input on which machine you would choose and why.

  2. Mo Green

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    I'm also considering the Scag. It's about the same price here. One thing I liked about the Scag that some mowers don't have, is the remote air filter. Also, everything on that mower is aesy to get to as far as servicing goes. I would just demo all of them and then decide.
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    i like the way Scags are built. Very open, easy to get to and service and very tough. In our conditions, the eXmark cuts and stripes better than the Scag for the most part though (definately beats it on striping). If the cut and stripe is satisfactory then I might choose Scag. If the eXmark is a close price i might get it. Personal preference. These are all at the same dealer? How good of a dealer is it? Really check that out... you can have one of the best machines money can buy but if your dealer is no good, it's the worst machine ever thought of... I really like my Ferris but am having a hard time with dealer issues...

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