Which New Self Propelled Mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McG_Landscaping, May 30, 2011.

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    I have been in the business for a few years and I have always been using toro personal pace mowers. When dry they are quick but when it is wet out they are junk. Also, this past week I had 2 break, one the belt drive slipped off for the second time and the throttle cable broke, and the other one (2 months old) had the carb clog up and wont run. I want to get a few dependable 21 or 22'' mowers since me and my helper use them on every yard around objects and some we only use these mowers. I am leaning toward buying a used exmark or lawnboy mower to try out and if I like it, I will buy a few new ones. I want to get away from home cheapo and buy good commercial ones. What mowers would you guys recommend from personal experience. They will need to be self propelled and have baggers since we do A LOT of hills and bag everything! Any input would be appreciated!
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    I have tried ariens, Toro, Snapper and Lawnboy. For what you need, I would go with a standard push mower Lawnboy. They are lite, cheap, easy to guide and they do well in wet grass.
    Posted via Mobile Device If you want a commercial self prop. Go with Toro - its quite lite compare to other Brands it do a good job in wet and bag well. Cost $$$ but worth it in the long hole. So i would go with lawnboy or Toro depending on your budget and your current needs
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    All these pro mowers cut good, but the main differences lie in the controls. The way you
    interact with the mower is through the controls and each manufacturer is different.
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  5. johndeeretech09

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    i would go with the john deere we85. they are fast and the cut is awesome. i do work for a woman that runs a commercial outfit and she says that new deere out does her exmarks in wet grass and heavy bagging. the we85 is heavy and wont bounce around alot in rough lawns. they are spendy but it will be the last mower youll every buy.
  6. johndeeretech09

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    or if you could find an older john deere jx85, that would be great. there isnt a mower in its time that could out do it. find one of them and you will be set.
  7. Merkava_4

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    The only difference I see between the JX85 and the new WE85 is that the WE85 has
    a curved handle. I wonder why they thought it was necessary to curve the handle.
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    I currently use a 08 exmark 21 when it goes I will be buying a Honda pusher HRX217HXA very very nice on sale for 699.00 right now considering buying one now.
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    Just bought one today. Sweet cut. Got the one with the blade brake. Not as easy to use but really nice to not mow gravel like with my old Toro Recycler. Quality piece of machinery though.

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