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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KSL, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. KSL

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    just seeing what OCDC you guys would recommend.... blade blocker by trimmer trap or the OCDC from power chutes? also why does the power chute have slits in the deflector, isnt it supposed to block all the clippings?
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    Actually it does block (almost) all of the clippings. A deck works because (with the up lift on the blades) air (along with the grass) is sucked up so the blades can cut it off. If you close off the discharge of the air (and clippings) out the discharge opening with a solid OCDC the blades continue to try and suck the air up and (since it no longer has an exit) all you do is create a huge high pressure region inside the deck.

    If the air cannot continue to exhaust it can no longer intake up inside the deck once the air within the deck becomes a higher pressure than the air be sucked up into the deck. What happens is the grass is actually flattened down to the ground instead of being lifted up and nothing is cut without the continued free air flow.

    The idea is to continue to allow the air to flow yet retain the grass clippings until you choose to return to discharging them out the deck. You'll find, with the Power Chute that the bottom one inch of the slots may hold some clippings in them. Then the next time you look the clippings will have cleared themselves.

    There is no visiual loss of clippings thru the slots in the Power Chute... ever!

  3. DLCS

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    I've run the Power Chute on a 757 most of last seasons and I'm putting one on my new 850a in very near future. I've used other OCDCs and built a few myself and I can tell you the Power Chute is the best one out there. Trouble with the manual operated ones is that the handle has to stick up so high that it becomes prone to be torn off by tree limbs, etc. You don't have that problem with the Power Chute. Nothing gets past the slots on the door and they don't plug up even mowing wet grass, which I do often.

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