Which of these 2 walk behinds is a better deal?


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windsor ontario
Hi, I'm about to purchase some used equipment to increase my efficiency and productivity. I cant decide which of these walk behinds are a better deal. the 1st one is a 2008 husqvarna 36" walk behind and comes with a sulky and a bag system for $1800. The 2nd one is an almost brand new toro mid-size 32" walk behind. its a hydro with a sulky and a mulching kit for 2500. for those with experience with these types of mowers, is the 36" machine small enough to get through gates? i do mainly residential properties. Both of these machines are sight unseen. I'm going to check out the husqvarna tomorrow morning but the toro I'm not sure when i'll get to see that. I'm also looking at buying a toro 17hp 44" zero turn for $2500 with only 5 hrs of use on it. It's not a residential mower but it also isnt a commercial one. its just for people with houses on big propertiesso its in between.


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Have you physically measured your gates? Take the time and DO it. If the 36 doesn't fit, then guess what...it might very well be 21 time in a BIG backyard. I'm solo and mow everything with my 32...no 21 needed...& I have 9 gates where a 36 wouldn't fit.

Do some more research around here, too. Am thinking that that Toro 32 might be a belt drive...or it might be a single-blade mower. IMHO, many of these smaller mowers have too small drive tires which could contribute to rutting in soggy conditons...you know your area best as far as soil/rainfall.

Amount of hours/unit is important to know as well.

Best of luck.


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Toro is the better mower but never liked a 32 if you have hills and dips they scalp a bit. The zero turn there are a couple of toro home owner models that are ok if your easy on them there a medium price mower about 3500 4500 usually they have a better trans I think the same as light commercial units. They are the estate class mowers but still have home owner engines.