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    I know these questions get old, but I need the help.....

    Only have 10 accounts. Which some are underpriced and annoying, so when I raise I may lose 3-4. I am part time but would like to get 30-40 accounts.

    Right now I have a 36inch WB (Lesco), and an old EXmark 48inch with a TRac vac for pick ups and cleanups.

    Originally I thought, just get a 48inch belt/fixed and see where it takes me, but recently I have kind of wanted a float deck. I know there is differing opinons of this so I am not sure (aka if you have flat properties that the fixed is fine) Well I dont know what I will get so I am not sure...Anyway

    48 Exmark Metro Belt/Fixed-2800 after tax
    All the others are close...Lesco, Toro, Encore...2800-3100
    (A trac vac add on would be about 1400....so 4400 total.

    I saw one in the classifieds and looked at it, very nice. Toro 52inch Hydro Float deck WB. 40hrs with a TRac VAc/w extender wand. $5200.


    Just get the dang ZTR at 9000....which brings on getting a new trailer and truck probably....The WB's I can fit with my current situation..I guess the main question is between the WB setups above but all help is appreciated

    What to do??? Thanks

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