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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McVey Landscaping, Mar 12, 2008.

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    Hey looking at the Exmark walk behinds, and the Wright Stander. Done a bunch of research on the Exmark's a little on the Wright's. Looking for advice. I know to stay away from the Metro 26, but was looking at the Turf Tracer's. Found a Wright dealer about 55 minutes away. Going next tuesday to look at them. :cool2:
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    Each company has a good reputation and good mowers. The stander will allow you to cover more ground than a walk behind thus mowing more acres/hour. I have always liked the Exmarks and think that they have fantastic cuts. I have never used a wright before so I can't comment on their performance. The Turf Tracer's are a very good mower and have the awesome ECS controls which are great, I also think that they have the ultra-cut deck (correct me if I'm wrong) that is a great deck. But either way you go I don't think that you will be sorry.
  3. wiseguyslawn

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    it also depends on your price range and if it will be your primary mower. The wright's are definetly pricier. But if this will be your primary it is a good investment, but you will spend close to as much on the wright stander as a exmark ztr.
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    Have you looked at the new Toro T2? Comapare it to the Exmark and you will come home with the Toro.

    Whats wrong with the 26"? I thought it was a great mower if a mower can be used as a boat anchor. Though it would have to be a big boat, maybe a ship as it would sink a smaller one!
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    have u looked at scag or dixie chopper

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