Which one stihl br380 or br420?


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Hello all,
I just sold my br600 as i did not like the 4mix engine, and also did not need that kind of power hardly ever. I use the blower for around the house as well as my jobs. I want a true 2 stroke, and the br380 and br420 is a good enough size for me. When i am doing work around my house, the longer it take the more i like it as i like using a blower, so speed does not matter all that much.
I can get the br420 for $435otd
or the br 380 for $342 otd
or a very lightly used br380 and another stihl dealer for $282 otd
I am kinda leaning towards the br420 as it is discontinued
thanks for any help


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If power is not an issue, why not get a handheld


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The bigger handheld, 86 I think. Has plenty of blow, uses less fuel, is lighter and cheaper. I have both and always grab the hand held first, only use the backpack for long leaf jobs.

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If your used to the power of the 600 - then you may be happier with the power of a 420, over the 380.

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The only difference between the 380 and the 420 is in the tube size. Both use the exact same engine that are carbed the exact same as well, so they both turn up the same power.

I'd take either one. It depends on whether or not you want higher CFM's or higher MPH's.

The 380 has 471 CFM, and 183 MPH, while the 420 has 524 CFM and 174 MPH.