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Which one???


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SE Kansas
Thank you for your input guys.Here is another anlge to look at. This "friend" is actually my brother-in-law to be. I Just turned 20 this month and my wife to be has been working with me this year and we have grown by leaps and bounds. I have to say a female influence has been a major plus for us. Her brother has had a difficlut up bringing and has spent a lot of time with me out in the shop at night. He has a major interest and I think all he needs is a stable environment to work in to straighten things up. He has asked for my advice on various subjects from finance to relationships. I feel if he had a possitive role in a business and learned a craft like ours he will be a very usefull tool. We are planning to do over $100,000 this year in sales and my girl and I can handle it ourselves butI think its time to think about a little insurance if one of us gets injured and why not help some one out and make a positive impact on their life at the same time.

Green Finger

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YO Grounds,

I think I understand what you are trying to say. You want to hire this guy and hopefully, you can have a positive impact on his life and at the same time get a good employee.

I think thats a good ideas. But before you do this consider this.

This is an economic question. Can you afford to pay this guy?

Is this guy a good worker. Family, friends, strangers don't hire dead weight no matter who they are.

If you do hire him let him know up front, this is how I make make my living. If you mess up, your butt is gone.

Give him no special treatments, if he acts a fool and he will have to play the fool. In fact, expect things out of him, be a little harder.(Don't be no tyrant)

If he has it in him, he will produce.

Even though you are helping him by being a positive role model..........




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stanfield nc
The advice is good. Now i commend you for
realising that everything doesnt come down
to dollars and cents.If your in position to
help theguy do it.Then set a good example.
Thanks TM


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SE Kansas
Sorry guys the post i was referring to was the post entitled "Employee Criteria" I must have selected the New thread instead of relpy thread. Thank you for the added information. I was comparing this guy to another much older prospect for hire in the original thread.
My finances are in very good shape if you'll allow me to boast a bit. We ran the company and our very comfortable lifestyle and still had a bank foll of over $30k. This year we have an additional $8k-$10k in small bids and a very large contract that offers 72 acres of mowing. It will bring in $15K to $25K based on #mowings. Then next year we are working on another $20K account.
My existing crew of I and my wife-to-be can handle all $100k+ sales but I think its time to consider the future and the goals of this business. What if one of got injured!!!! I think nows the time to take on a guy and take care of that person and I believe that person will take a personal interest in the business and make it a career instead of a job. What do you guys think.


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Get him to sign an employee non-compete form
to keep him from learning your trade and stealing
your customers. I don't care if you get your
mother to work for you cover your a$$ on employee
competetion in the future.