Which paver blend is best if brick is present?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Humble Earth Mover, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Humble Earth Mover

    Humble Earth Mover LawnSite Member
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    What blend do you guys prefer if the house has brick exposed?

    I have a customer who has some brick showing and an existing little EP autumn blend wall. She wants to do a patio (900 sf) and likes all autumn blend. I feel it is my obligation to talk her out of it as it seems like overkill. Any recommendations for something better? Doesn't have to be EP. I'm thinking more gray tones and maybe splash some reds. Anyone have pics of paver jobs that worked well with red brick?


  2. cgland

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    It's been my experience that if one tries to "match" existing brick, the project tends to look like an "add on" I always try to compliment a homes existing color schemes. Unless you are using the exact brick from the home, you will never match it with a paver.

  3. Humble Earth Mover

    Humble Earth Mover LawnSite Member
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    I'm not worried so much about matching exact, but more about complimenting like you said. I personally like to see masonry flagstone with brick, but this has to be pavers. I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion of a certain product or blend that worked for them in a similar situation. I think EP Henry Autumn Blend compliments brick okay, but I think it looks like too much red....maybe I'll break it up with a pewter border or something.
  4. WorkinIt

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    Here's an example of one that DIDN'T work that well. Belgard Dublin Modular in Terra Cotta. I don't think Belgard had anything that would have been better. But it's probably the closest they had (and Belgard is the only paver I could get).

    It's grown on me over time. But there's still too much blue in the mix. Really looks rough when not wet (will definitely seal later).

    Pictures are in this thread:
  5. Dreams To Designs

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    Autumn Blend turns pink and most definitely will not compliment typical clay bricks in a few seasons. How about something in a bluestone look. Bluestone and clay brick are a great combination. The bluestone type pavers are usually larger which also compliments the size of the brick and hopefully a random or mixed pattern to challenge all the horizontal lines of the brick. If the brick is mixed colors, find one of the colors that is similar to a tone in a paver. You can likely bring in gray and brown tones or often a combination.

    You can also go with a clay paver if so inclined. Not much different than installing concrete pavers, slabs or wet cast material.

    If you are set on the "brick" look, check out Techo-Bloc's color, Red & Black. It's available in many of their pavers and does a decent job of complimenting clay brick without trying too hard.

  6. LandArts

    LandArts LawnSite Member
    from 7b
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    Belgard's fossil beige color goes with anything.
  7. neversatisfiedj

    neversatisfiedj LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hey Landarts - are you in MD ?
  8. GroundScapesIncorporated

    GroundScapesIncorporated LawnSite Senior Member
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    Take a look at Navastone riverbed biege. Ill bet its just what you are looking for.
  9. Humble Earth Mover

    Humble Earth Mover LawnSite Member
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    Good suggestions, thanks! I've never heard of Navastone...don't believe it's in my area. I'm actually starting a little job tomorrow and using Belgard Dublin Cobble in a Fossil Beige. I've never used that color before so I'll see what it's like. This job is still a few weeks out. Just finished with the soil perc tests today. Over $3K for an engineer to put water in a hole and stand there for 3 hours to see how fast it drained. On top of that, I had to rent a mini excavator to dig 3 5 foot deep holes for the engineer and the rental company showed up with a micro mini that could only dig 4 feet deep, then they charged me $400 for the rental and delivery. I guess I should be more careful when I say "I need one of your small excavators" Arrrgh!! One of them days where I just feel like I got bent over with little or no lube!
  10. LandArts

    LandArts LawnSite Member
    from 7b
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    Neversat-we're in NC.

    We use fossil beige Dublin Cobble on just about every job. Goes with stone, brick, concrete.

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