Which reversable plate compactor?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Murphy's Law, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I'm finally sold on the importance of a larger reversable compactor. On larger jobs, I have been renting either a 700 lb machine or a 1,000 lb machine based on their availability. Honestly, I can't tell the difference in the two which is why I created this topic.

    My installs are mainly patios & walkways at ground level with a couple raised patios each year. The subgrade is generally clay free and either sand or gravel/sand.

    The 700 lb hits at a force of 10,000 lbf while the 1,000 lb machine hits at 12,400. These machines are Mikasa.

    The rental shop I have been renting from is very large and cycles these machines out every 6-8 months depending on use. I'm thinking of buying one of their used machines. My friend purchased one from them and had great luck. The price difference is about $1,500. Roughly $4,200 for the 700lb and $5,700 for the 1,000lb.

    My question is what do you guys use for size, brand, etc. I know there are companies on here that use much larger but the price seems to spike exponentially with the larger machines and I don't think I can justify that cost but I'm open for all suggestions. Thanks for the help!:drinkup:
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    The 700 lb unit would be perfect imo
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    I agree.....
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    Get the biggest one you can afford. You will make that $1500 up quick by being able to compact bigger lifts.

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