Which riding mower to get from this list:

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by rebaths, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. rebaths

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    I am employee of Tractor Supply Co. and get an employee discount, so my selection will be limited to the riding mowers sold at my store.

    I will be mowing about .75 acres of grass. I will also be using a tow-behind plug aerator and a tow-behind de-thatcher, so I want one with a strong engine and strong transmission.

    Which engine is better, a B&G Intek V Twin or a Kohler Courage V Twin?
    The Husqvarna YTH2454 is the only mower with the B&G Intek, most of the others have the Kohler Courage.

    What about transmissions?
  2. Capemay Eagle

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    You really don't need a big engine to tow either of those attachments. You will be fine with any engine that is atleast 20hp. I would also go with a Kohler over the Intek.
  3. jkason

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    While the Kohler engine is the better motor (nominally), the Huskee's and Cubs are built by MTD, whose quality has been in the crapper lately.

    I used to sell both Husqvarna and MTD side-by-side in the showroom.
    I stopped selling MTD wen the Husqvarnas outsold them 2-1 (at twice the retail price).
  4. rebaths

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    See I was leaning towards the Husqvarna.... I made another post in here about the 54" deck. I have at least .75 acres of grass, but in front there's a drainage ditch (not too steep, but still).. I've used a family member's John Deer L-something-or-other with a 54" deck and it scalped like crazy.

    The Husq has 4 wheels which supposedly prevent scalping, but I'd rather go for a 46"-50" deck. I think in my other post, it was recommended to NOT try anything fancy and change out the Husq's 54" deck with a smaller deck.. I wish TSC sold a smaller Husq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. JTF40

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    Since you work for TSC, I would personally buy the Bad Boy. But from the list you provided, I would buy the CC GT1554. :usflag:
  6. nmurph

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    just bc some thing is a top seller does not make it better....personally, i would look at the BB as mentioned above.
  7. rebaths

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    Yeah the Bad Boys ARE awesome... took me a long time to drive in a straight line (nothing wrong with the MOWER ;) )

    I don't think you can pull stuff behind the BB like an aerator, right? I thought ZTR types were for mowing only?
  8. mjlepak

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    I towed stuff with a older snapper ztr and had no problems. Basically, an aerator and fert spreader and occassionally even a small trailer/cart with mulch and other supplies on it while working in the yard. I plan on towing with my new Hustler as well.

    Also, as far as scalping the anti scalp wheels may help but depending on the slope and grade you may still get some scalping. I would also try mowing different directions and see if that helps any.
  9. rebaths

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    the bad boy is sorta out of my price range....
  10. Jay Ray

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    You might have to go a couple three passes in the bottom of the ditch with a push mower or get the bottom with the weedwhip, even with a 38" or 42" rider deck. Geometry tells you a large deck will be a problem there. With .75 acres you could actually use a 38" deck, just for your residence, but I would prefer the 54" and push the bottom.

    The red Huskee's used to have a deck that would clog very easily, I don't know if that has been corrected. I would be leery of them.

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