Which root injector?

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    In the market for a root injector, which brand do you prefer? I have a skid sprayer I'll be using to supply my chemicals to it. Will not use it a ton, but want decent quality. I'd like to find one I can use as a root injection but also double for termite injections into the soil.
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    We don't do termites so I don't know if that requires something special but I use a JD9-C with the root feeder attachment for systemics and fert and I'm happy with it.

    I dilute the systemics to a rate of 1 quart per inch and with the pump on my skid it puts out 1 qt in 4 seconds at 200 psi.

    I have a kioritz (old model, not the backpack) as well but it's a delicate flower, clogs all the time and no step plate to help insert it into the soil. It only gets used when I can't reach a site with my hose.
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