Which seed blend for fall overseed?

Best seed blend?

  • Local #1: Mustang mix

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  • Local #2: Evergreen Mix

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  • GCI Turf mix

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Hello all,
Need to help analyzing three different seed mixes to identify the best to aerate and overseed my yard in a couple weeks. I’ve tried researching the various seeds online and all seem to be quality seed, however I have no direct experience with any of them. All blends are primarily TTTF with some KBG and perennial Rye. Blends are as followed:

Local blend #1: (called mustang mix)
-Shenandoah elite tall fescue 24.87%
-Renegade supreme tall fescue 24.73%
-Falcon IV tall fescue 24.72%
-Palmer III Perennial Rye 14.60%
-Balboa KBG 9.91%
Cost: 2.65/lb - $133/50lbs

Local blend #2: (called Evergreen Fescue)
-Arid 3 TTTF 40%
-Thunderstruck TTTF 40%
-Action KBG 10%
-Premium Perennial Rye 10%
Cost: $2.21/lb - $110/50lbs

GCI Turf seed blend:
-Rendition Tall fescue 33%
-Escalade Tall fescue 33%
-Falcon III Tall fescue 33%
Cost: $2.40/lb - $120/50lbs

Seeding will be in Northern Ohio.
Thanks in advance all!