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Which Service Tee To Use?


LawnSite Senior Member
A 1" SLIP by 3/4" TRD service tee cost me $1.10. A 1" SLIP by 1/2" TRD service tee cost me $.77.

For those of you installing rotors who install 1" laterals using PVC, which of the above tees do you use?

Since the 1/2" and 3/4" funny pipe connectors have the same ID, can I just use the 1/2" service tee and save the $.33 per tee cost or should I continue to use the 3/4" service tee?

Thanks / Regards,


Mike Leary

LawnSite Fanatic
Or in other words, size based on flow requirements. :)
Yup, I've got a re-do to look at up north this year on a multi-purpose field that I have a sneaking hunch there was a miss-read of available psi/gpm. I don't know if I can get away with 3/4" swing joints in place of funny pipe or it becomes a P.I.T.B. to re-zone. :cry: