Which small "commercial" ZTR; Quality of ride important to me

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AnthonyDG, Jul 15, 2008.

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    I am quite new here and to ZTRs, so please excuse some fairly basic questions.

    I have a "country" yard with many weeds, roots, ruts, bare spots, with a little grass thrown in and lots of obstacles to steer around. The yard is about 1 1/2 acres, and I will mow one pass inside the fences of my pastures. I have done some research here and some shopping at local stores.

    Here is the biggest issue, my wife and I both have bad backs. Given these conditions the comfort of the ride is more important to me than the quality of cut -- it will never look manicured, anyway. I am also concerned about the reliability and quality of construction.

    I am looking at:

    Ferris IS 1500Z 48" 21 Kawi $6000
    Scag Tiger Cub 48" 19 Kawi (an '07 full model not the promo) $6500
    Hustler FasTrac SD 48" 23 Kawi $5600

    There may be some room to negotiate on the Scag and Ferris, but I think I am at the bottom price for the Hustler.

    Is the ride significantly better on the Ferris IS 1500Z than on the Tiger Cub or Hustler Fastrac SD. I understand that the full suspension Ferris mowers are significantly better, but have read that the 1500Z does not have full suspension. Does its limited suspension provide a substantially better ride than the other two. Are flex forks on the Hustler worth the $200? If they are, I am certainly willling to spend the extra $200.

    By the way, I can demo the Ferris, but can't find a local demo on either the Hustler or the Scag, so a personal test of each is not really an option.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Lesco has discontinued the ZTwo after 2007. You can pick up a 2007 60"/25HP Kaw. for $5679 with the full warranty. As far as parts go they will be available for a long time because this mower is a cub cadet M60 tank with a different paint job sold under the Lesco name. As far as service goes Lesco is now owned by John Deere. Warranty work is done be your local John Deere dealer. It comes standard with a suspension seat. It should be able to take anything you can throw at it. Here is a advertisement I found for it. You could probably get the 54" model even cheaper if you didn't want a 60".

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    I have limited experience with both the SCAG and the Ferris, I have only sat on the Hustler, never ran one. My father-in-law owned a 19 horse Kawasaki Tiger Cub for several years before upgrading to an Exmark XS and it was a great mower, very solidly built and nice cut. The only negative is that it is very stiff ride and very unfogiving over any and all bumps. Not sure if it was the small tires or just the stiffness of the frame but it would beat you to death. I just bought a like new Ferris IS 1500Z and I love the suspension. Makes you wonder how you ever got along before without it. It is full suspension, just not independent on the front. It really soaks up big bumps and you don't even notice small stuff at all. The other great thing is you can go much faster with the suspension than with a straight frame tractor. the quality of cut from the Ferris is superb and the mower deck is setup very similar to the Exmark. It will stripe and leaves a uniform finish with the blades sharpa nd the deck level and pitched. I think Ferris gets a bad rap for poor quality of cut by people who do not take the time to setup the mower properly. It took me 10 minutes to make mine cut awesome. I really like the SCAG and thought I wanted one until I bought my Ferris. If I decide to upgrade in a few years I will be looking at another Ferris, maybe a IS 3100Z. Hope that helps.


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