Which St. Augustine lawn weed killers are good?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by redriverrat, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. gregory

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    what greendoc and roy have said is very good... another thing to do is calibrate your sprayer...
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    Howdy neighbor.
    I do not go to Kiowa anymore but I would imagine the way the year has been that y'all are on water restrictions. I personally will not be doing any treatments until it cools off and we get some rain. I would forget about the Crabgrass and Goosegrass this year because it is about at the end of its cycle anyway. How much Dallisgrass are you talking about?

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    I have tried Image in the past for crabgrass control on existing customers that were well fertilized and irrigated, but the side effects were not worth the effort. It seemed to severely stunt the growth of the St Augustine for several weeks. The clients would rather have a growing lawn with some crabgrass than a stunted lawn.

    It has been more than seven or eight years ago since I last used it, but I am sure I used label rate. Now I routinely use low rates of different herbicides with great results, so should I try a lower rate? Sedges and crabgrass are to me the most problematic in our area and if Image could work without the side effects, I would try it again.
  4. greendoctor

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    Spot or Broadcast? Last time I spot sprayed with Image, it left an area of grass that was not as green and much slower growing than the rest of the lawn. You also do not want to apply Image within 3 days before or after mowing. I have no problems applying and not mowing for several days because it will act as a growth regulator.

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    I used a broadcast spray on thirty or so lawns. I am not in the mowing business so I have no control over when the lawns are cut. I guess that rules Image out for me in the future.
  6. greendoctor

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    If Mr Crew Cut comes along and mows the lawn down below 3" the day after you applied, that can be a problem. They are mowing that low because their rotary mowers are set to try to cut bermuda or zoysia, which should actually be reel cut. Too low for St Augustine is not low enough for those two grasses.

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