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Which Stihl Trimmer???


LawnSite Member
Wapakoneta, Ohio
I'm looking at getting a new Stihl trimmer. I'm not sure which model to go with. I want something thats good for the everyday trim, not overly powerful, but isn't a dog in thick wet stuff. Probably looking at FS 80, FS 100, FS 110. Any thoughts or comments about thees machines will be helpful. :help:


LawnSite Gold Member
I would prob choose the fs100 by what you want to do with it. Allthough the 100 and 110 use the same engine, the drive shafts are different. The fs110 it has a steel drive shaft and you could change the heads to accept an edger and run a blade on it also. the fs80 and 100 both have cables for driveshafts and brush blades arent advised on theese. Someone correct me if im wrong on theese units plz. Also I should say that the fs 80 is 2 cycle and the 100 series are 4 stroke


LawnSite Member
Central Ohio
I have a fs110 and I'm very happy with the power and above all it uses less fuel than the 2 stroke.It has the 4 mix engine-power,less fuel,and quiet.JMO


LawnSite Silver Member
Cocoa Florida
I am getting the FS 110 for next season. Great machine, great on fuel, not much more expense for the better cable and it will occasionally see blade use. My dedicated blade machine is getting too finicky and see no point in spending the $70 for a new coil set up for a 5 year old machine.

I love the 4 mix stuff.