Which stone fruits need heavy cutbacks?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Az Gardener, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Stone fruits in the landscape are a novelty here in Phx. Although they do very well here if you get the right varieties with low chill hours. I always get confused on which varieties get cut back and how much and what blooms on what years growth. I am trying to get it all down on paper for future use I found information on grapes this morning and did a short paper now I just need info on Peaches, Plums, Apricots and Almonds. While we are at it what about Pears and Apples. I have attach my grape pruning paper for everyones use would appreciate any help thx. View attachment Pruning Grapes.doc
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    Why don't you just call the cooperative extension office? Or browse their site? This should have some of what you need. http://cals.arizona.edu/pubs/garden/mg/fruit/index.html Its easier to just call down there sometimes though. You can get all the material you want already printed for you.
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    Just do a search on Pruning fruit trees,I can't go into all that info here I would be typing too long.

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