Which Tandem? Chev or GMC.?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by gls1320, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. gls1320

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    I am in Manitoba,Canada,,,there is a farm auction coming up with two tandems in the auction... one is a 1978 Chev, w/427 gas, 13 speed trans,air brakes,,,, other is a 1977 GMC, w/366 gas, 5 & 4 trans, air brakes, both have 17 foot grain boxes,,,, will be hauling 2400 gals water....both trucks are one owner..nice mint units....just wondering about the tranny's...been many years since I drove a 5 & 4 trans...any thoughts on which truck would be first choice..?? engine/trans set ups....I believe GVW's are in the 45000 to 48000 range.....both trucks are saftetied and in super shape mechanically...
  2. Gravel Rat

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    Are you sure you want either :laugh:

    Trucks like that you couldn't even give away here on the West you couldn't afford to run them they would suck the gas back so quick.

    I would rather have a truck with a 13spd I imagine that truck has a 6610 Road Ranger 13spd better than the 5+4 gearing.

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    Between the two I would pick the 427 with the thirteen. The 366 with a 5/4 is not my idea of fun. If man had 3 arms the 5/4 would be great tranny, as it is they are speced out here exclusively for the potato farmers. They like them because they be geared to a crawl, but driving them sucks. The 427 will probably use more fuel but the 366 is underpowered (except with that tranny you surely can find the right gear) and is likely no better on fuel or atleast not better enough to justify the lower hp.
  4. janb

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    I'm with Ksss, tho I guess it would depend on your use (off road - site truck) or a road truck AND if you have employees driving them.

    While not much fun to drive on the road I suppose the 5x4 would offer a bit of simplicity and robustness, that a mindless employee would be less likely destroy. and the 366 would give them less HP to do their destruction. (and might be slightly cheaper to repair / fuel)

    If I was having to drive the thing, I think I would be happier with the 13 spd and 427, as I tend to get in a hurry (which you won't do with the 366 5x4.)

    I would imagine the chassis to be pretty identical, but you might check the components, and buy the one that is most robust. (best set of rears / double frame / suspension)
  5. Dirty Water

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    Is this only going to be a site water rig?
  6. Gravel Rat

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    Those old gas pot trucks were never heavy trucks the rear axles are usually never heavier than 38,000lb they are probably 34s or 36s with a 9000-10,000lb front axle.

    You plan on putting 10 tons of total load on the truck which is going to max the trucks out they will probably be overloaded.

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