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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by LBA1999, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. LBA1999

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have a few questions regarding TLB's. I currently have a JD 3203 which I am less than satisfied with. It has no power and low lift capacity with the FEL. I am looking to upgrade in the next year to a new or lightly used TLB. Here's what I am looking for:

    1. at least 40 engine hp
    2. at least 2000# FEL lift capacity
    3. thumb on backhoe or grapple bucket
    4. removable backhoe and ability to have a 3 point hitch and PTO
    5. SSL quick coupler on FEL

    I have researched various models and am currently looking at the John Deere v110, Kubota L39 or L45, and JCB midi CX. Please let me know if you have any experience wit hany of these of these or know of any other machines I should consider. I am currently leaning to JCB because I know a contractor who puts 10000+ hours on full size JCBs with no problems. Thanks.
  2. tnmtn

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    the machine i like other than the JCB name is their 2cx utility or 12. these have much more power and lift and the 4 wheel steering is great. i run a similar machine in the bobcat B300. the downside to a used bobcat is you can't run 3 point attachments. the jcb is very similar to what the bobcats could have bee if they had kept producing them. you might also check the kubota M59. these seem to be nice machines as well. my only gripes with them are the exhaust comes out underneath the operator and you have to get out of the seat to change to backhoe ops. not knowing what line of work you are in these could be overkill.
  3. LBA1999

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    I'm in property management. The machine will mainly be used for tree and brush removal and digging up utility lines in business complexes and mobile home parks.
  4. Ducati996

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    Well I would say for what your looking for Kubota offers a complete full line of it _ each model offering more than the other...L39, L45, M59 fill that requirement with ease and price point...
  5. alanauer

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    LBA, you mention a backhoe casually, but it's a major decision as an add-on. As for a FEL grapple, generally you get the rig with the loader and you add the grapple. But this add-on needs power, so it's an easier and cheaper connection if the tractor already has remote or auxiliary hydraulic connections. Also, grapple-use often needs a full bucket dump, and buckets are not all equally flexible, so check that in advance.
  6. LBA1999

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    Thanks ananauer. I mention the BH casually because I am looking at integrated units like JD110 and Kubota L45 that all have backhoes on them. They aren't 3 point , but rather u spin around the seat and dig w/o getting off machine like s big backhoe. I will look into having a full bucket dump, thanks for bringing into my attention. I am leaning more towards grapple as front aux. hydraulics are easier to find used it seems .
  7. riverwalklandscaping

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    do u need to run 1 machine? In my experience 1 used skid and one used excavator work a hell of a lot better than 1 new TLB. I don't know, I just hate digging with backhoes having to get up and move the machine every 30 seconds and being restricted to where u are parked in terms of carrying anything with your thumb
  8. LBA1999

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    has to be a TLB. I already own 3 point implements that I need to be able to use. This machine will be used a lot without the BH. Looking at these types of machines because the backhoes have more power than a standard 3 point BH.
    this machine is a multipurpose machine. It may be digging trenches one day and brush hogging the next. I like the 3 point hitch versus skid attachments because they are cheaper to purchase if I need more attachments. I do understand though that a thumb on a BH isn't as useful as a thumb on an ex. I am mainly concerned with doing work in house instead of subbing it so I can sacrifice some speed for versitility.
  9. alanauer

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    Then may I also suggest that in comparing them you check the ease to detach from and reattach to the B. And conversely how easy it is to use the L with the B attached (with some, the B tucks away so you wouldn't know it's there, with others it sticks way up and back).
  10. manatarms

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    I have a Kubota M59. Very similar, but the bigger brother to the L45 you mentioned. The BH is powerful, easy and quick to remove for using the 3PH. The first time it will take you a little fussing, but once you get the hang of it you can take it off without leaving the machine. I find it to be extremely versitile. As many have stated before, a TLB will not out-do a mini-ex/skidsteer combo, but as a stand alone machine with 3PH it can't be beat. The hydro thumb option is fantastic. The 110 and L45 are both great machines, however I like the backhoe seat transition on the Kubotas better than the 110 (spin instead of flip). Both have creep to reposition, which is a great feature for frequent backhoe use. I recommend getting aux. front hydraulics so you can run front hydro attachements (grapple, snow blower, etc.). You might also consider the Yanmar CBL40 (JD110 twin). One other point to watch is the weight. Depending upon your state you might need a CDL to move around one of these.

    I use my TLB all the time for moving rocks/logs, clearing out small-medium trees (push them over and/or dig out stumps), run a harley rake or flail mower, etc.

    Here's a reference chart detailing some of the machines you mentioned. I made it for another site I frequent when someone was hunting for the same TLBs you're looking at. Some fiqures are missing, but you can see the 45 and 110 are real close.




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