Which to buy: AS or Z ?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by power4less, May 26, 2004.

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    OK. I am eager to buy an Exmark within the next two weeks. My local dealer showed me the AS and the Z. The Price difference is $600. I am comparing a AS with 60" deck and 23Hp engine versus a Z with a 60" deck and a 27hp. I am strictly a home owner with 5 acres to cut weekly. 1) Should I spend the extra money, or not. 2) Are the drive levers tha same ? Are the seats the same ? Thank you.

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    Either machine should work just fine for you.

    The two mowers have different drive levers, tires, wheel motor, engine air filters, fuel tanks, consoles and the AS does not have the foot lift assist standard.

    The seats however are the same.

    You may however want to verify the pricing. For $600 difference the Z has a lot of bells and whistles. MSRP on the Z is about $1200 more than the AS.

    It sounds like you dealer may be either read his price sheet wrong or is really being generous on the Lazer. If he quoted you correctly It would really be hard to walk away form the Z and take the AS home.



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