Which to buy: Exmark or Walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcoat, Mar 13, 2000.

  1. jcoat

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    I am new to the forum and have found a lot of good information regarding my situation, which happens to be a startup lawn business. My question regards which mower to buy! I notice several postings for the Exmark mowers, but recently attended a H/G show and found Walker mowers. Both appear to be really well made, but I need help in deciding where to invest money for my venture. Which is the better of the two and is there a real difference in the appearance of a lawn after being cut by either? Also, other than basic maintenance, which will give me a better return in the long run? Another concern regards the quickest cut and quality of cut. I want both.<p>Note: I plan on doing lawn maintenance primarily as a side-business and eventually building it into a fulltime job since the outdoors is where my interests lie.<br>***************<p>Thanks to everyone for the replies. I am still trying to distinguish which way to take my business... fast and a lot of lawns; or slow, manicured and moderate growth.<br> From what I've read in other forums I may start with a Exmark WB with small accounts, see how it goes for the season and gradually move into the larger, manicured lots while attending some landscape classes...<p><br>
  2. EDL

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    Well jcoat, it depends on what you want, if it is speed i would go with the exmark, i own one and have been greatly satisfied with it, if it is bagging go with the walker, it is a dedicated bagger.
  3. GroundKprs

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    jcoat, go to the &quot;search&quot; function above, in the line where you found registration. In the search box type in &quot;exmark&quot; or &quot;walker&quot;, to find topics in the past relating to your question. There are often dozens of comments about any given subject. Often your question was already asked and answered. After reading all these, post any detailed questions you have.<br> <br>Also note that the default display is for messages 10 days old or less (toward upper right on main forum page). There are literally hundreds of threads that are not appearing onscreen.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
  4. accuratelawn

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    As stated above, If you want speed and a great cut go with Exmark. For baggin go with walker.<br>I have looked at Walkers just about every year, but can't bring myself to buy a machine that is set up just to bag. For an extra $1800 you can buy another deck.<br>A couple questions to think about.<br>How often are you going to bag?<br>Have you used either machine?
  5. Accurate did you ever take a look at that<br>52&quot; toro wb that was for sale for $500 in<br>your home state?
  6. Lazer

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    Walker Advantages:<br>Better for bagging.<br>Seem to be more popular on Southern grasses.<br>Quality of construction may be better than Exmark.<br>Small unit that is very versatile.<p>Exmark Advantages:<br>Fast.<br>Better engineering espcially when side discharging.<br>Mow Northern grasses nicer.
  7. JJ Lawn

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    Walkers are not set up to only bag!! You can open the back and discharge the clipping back to the lawn. This operation works better with a deflector that attaches to the rear of the box which helps to spread the clippings more evenly, just like some of the big boy mowers. :)<p>Also Walkers are a great mulching mower. But yes you have to have a mulching deck, but if you get a 42&quot; GHS deck with the purchase of the mower all you have to do is buy a deck pan (no framework) for about $800 and just swap pans. Simple operation that takes less than 5 min. <p>Walkers are slower than other mowers but sometimes slower is better. But thats just my opinion.<p>Jim....a happy Walker owner.
  8. nlminc

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    Depends on the size lawns you care for. If they are they small assoc. cookie cutter lawns, I would go with the Walker. Large open lawns where you can really move are where the Exmark will be of help. Not that the exmark can't cut on a small lawn, I think you would have better control and manuverability on the smaller lawns with a Walker. I use Walkers on both large and small and have been very happy with them. This year though I bought 2 Dixie Choppers for a large account that is mostly Athletic fields where I need the speed. Dixies are similar in style to the Exmarks, but ya can't compare the 2! :)
  9. accuratelawn

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    Stone,<br>Yes I looked at it. 16 Kohler Magnum little smoke when it started. Trans in pieces. The rest little rough, but not terrible. I am going to let it sit there a little longer, then offer him $350 or so. I'll try to rebuilt it an use as a back up. I sold my Toro rider, so I could use a back up.<br>If I get it I will ask for your opinion on how to make it useable again.
  10. gene gls

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    jcoat: Walker is one of the few mowers that has hydrolic control on steep areas. As long as the tires have traction you are in control. Other mowers have no hydrolic control on steep areas. Once you go over the top, hang on, there's no stoping. I go places with mine that I have trouble walking. If you buy a side discharge deck to go along with the GHS deck, you can switch back and forth as needed for each lawn. It only takes a few minutes to change

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