Which to get for beginning business- Stihl KM130R or Echo PAS266 or

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dropnbassonu, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. dropnbassonu

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    Here's the stats:

    - Side job of 10 yards/week
    - Trimmer just broke, need something ASAP
    - Like the systems because it will save me money down the road
    - Buying the straight shaft trimmer, curved edger, and blower attachments

    I'm not going to be as busy or commercial as most of you seasoned veterans on here, but I also know there is no substitute for power. Given that this purchase will hopefully last me 15-20 years, the fact that the Stihl 130 is only $70 more than the km90 is negligible. I have called around and these are the 2 best quotes I've received:

    Echo PAS-266
    - Powerhead $280
    - Trimmer w/ Pro Torque Head $100
    - Blower $80
    - Edger $90
    Total = $550

    Stihl KM 130R
    - Powerhead - $340
    - Trimmer - $82
    - Blower - $89
    - Edger - $89
    Total $600

    Which in your all's opinion is the better deal of the 2? Which do you prefer, recommend? Which should last longer for my moderate usage? This purchase I hope will last me a long, long time and I'm scared to pull the trigger.

    Also, both dealers are great. The Echo dealer is Signature Elite and the Stihl dealer is Elite that has factory certified technicians. Both are family run and I trust the people at both locations.

    Thanks a ton for your opinions........
  2. LawnGuy110

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    In my experience the stihl has much more power than the echo and will last longer. Even though it is more expensive, I would still get the stihl
  3. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I just bought the pas266. I liked the way ran better than the Stihl. It seems easier to control the throttle on the echo, and the initial build quality seems damn good. still on my first tank of fuel so I can't say too much about it except that I have no second guesses in my purchase. Also, I'm small time guy like you. part time solo with 12 weekly lawns.

    p.s. I think the pas 280 is more comparable to the km130. I may be wrong, but the price difference should be comparable between the 130 and the 280
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  4. TaylorLandscapingLLC

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    when i first started out in 06 I bought all echo products. 3 years of light light commercial use, and one season of of neglect during storage and i ended up replacing them both with 2 more echos. 3 years later, perfect care, i replaced them with all stihl power equipment. 2 years into those, they are running as strong as the day i bought them. stihl is my pick but im just a small operation.
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  5. larryinalabama

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    Ive been running the sthil kombi for 6 years, I think my original power head is on its way out,KM110. I bought another km110 at the end of last year and last week I bought the 2stroke homewoners head.

    I dont know anything about the echo pas. I thought my km 110 should have lasted more than 6 years <it is still running> . I dont know what attachment echo offers eighter.

    I will say the sthil is super easy to change attachments and the attachments are all well worth the money and hold up extremely well.

    Im kinda of locked into sthil because I have so many attachments.

    If the echo is 2 stroke Id lean towards echo, otherwise which ever one seems more balance to ypu is the one Id choose. Sthil 4 strokes are supposed to be the lightest 4 strokes in the industry.

    Parts for sthil seem to be somewhat reasonable priced and not that hard to get, but they are almost all "dealer only"
  6. dropnbassonu

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    The echo is indeed 2 stroke.....
  7. Ridin' Green

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    Get the Stihl, way more power for not much more money. They have much better torque too. Even the Echo 280 isn't in the same league with the 130 powerwise.
  8. GrassGuerilla

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    I'm just curious, does anyone use the blower attachment for either? It looks awkward at best.
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  9. GreenHammer

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    Km 130. It's a beast but it won't let you down. It just keeps giving! The attachment's are way better too. heavy duty!
  10. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu LawnSite Member
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    Thanks guys! Leaning towards the Stihl b/c they seem to stand up to the test of time. Now the 4mix motor might be another issue in years to come, but I believe the Stihl reputation precedes itself. Furthermore, most customers are proud owners and seem to be happy happy happy :)

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