Which tractor?


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I know this is a primarly commercial landscaping forum, but I really wanted the opinion of industry experts, so i'm sorry in advance if this question is not in the proper forum.

I have a 2+ acre lawn to maintain and I'm going to be in the need of a tractor.

I looked at some 54" Craftsman, Husqvarna and 48" John Deers.

They all seem to make about the same power (22-26hp) and are all in about the same price range $1800-2300.

Between those three brands which one would be the best (I also plan on attaching a plow for snow removal).

Thanks in advance.


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Flint, Michigan
Anytime you plan on putting a plow on a $2500 tractor, it is a recipe for disaster. Plows are HARD on tractors. There is just way too much wear and tear on the trans and axles. If your thinking of something like that, look into a snowblower attachment. This utilizes the engine power and doesn't put all that wear on the machine. No, it doesn't wear the engine out, either. These things (the snowblowers) are designed and geared for this and when operated properly, take very little extra power of the mower.


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Im not going to pretend I know about snow, Ive only ever touched it once but I would look at the better models in the JD line like the LT or LX series. Cost more but more hard wearing IMOP!

Hope this isnt against the rules, I cant remember but, heres a link to a forum that may be helpfull and probably more helpful to what your after. Some of these guys really know there stuff and will point you in the right direction. http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/tractor/