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Which Trimmer is Better?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Metalgear, May 7, 2002.


    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,426

    We switched to Husqvarna several years ago..Still have one of the original back pack blowers starting on two pulls, over 7 years old. Echos are great for a year or two, but chrome cylinder liners and longevity do not go in the same sentence together...
  2. sweetjetskier

    sweetjetskier LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 403

    We have used Shindaiwa trimmers and edgers for over 6 years and have never had any major problems with them. The trimmers 230, 250 260 and 230 special edition have been very reliable. The parts are readily available and easy to install in the field.
  3. mower_medic

    mower_medic LawnSite Member
    Messages: 77

    As a mechanic, I see alot more Echos in for repairs than Shindaiwas. Of course that could be due to the price of the Echo and their availability at the Mass Merchants like Home Depot. You will never see a Shindaiwa sold at a place like that. Shindaiwas cost more because they're built better. When was the last time you took a piece of equipment back to Home Depot to have it repaired? Buy from a servicing dealer only and get the maintenance and repairs done where you bought it. I personally, put customers that have bought equipment from me in front of customers that bought their equipment from someone else when it comes to repairs and maintenance.
  4. Blaster822

    Blaster822 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 71

    I think Echo is the best you should go with the SRM 260s
  5. JFCizek II

    JFCizek II LawnSite Member
    Messages: 14

    I have used Stihl trimmers in my lawn care . One of my trimmers a Stihl FS81 is 16 years old and still gets about 7 to 10 gal. of fuel put though it every summer. Knock on wood all I have put into this trimmer is : 2 carb kits, 2 clutch kits and one drive shaft , along with normal maintance that I do each spring. I have a FS 85 about 4 years newer with just as good record . Two years ago I switched to Honda trimmers . I bought 2 of Hondas top of the line trimmers and put about 15 gal. of fuel though each one. I love he quiet of the 4 stroke and a lot less vibration . So what about Honda trimmers and I will also add Jonserad trimmers. I mow only part time with 15 lawns at this time but when I was at full bore I had 50 customers . Most of my lawns that I mow now are 1.5 to 3 acre.
  6. swim

    swim LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 357

    I like the Shindaiwas the best. Mine have given me many years of dependable service with no complaints.

    As others have said dealer support is very important though before you make your final decision.
  7. primecutmo

    primecutmo LawnSite Member
    from SWMO
    Messages: 85

    I love my echo. I have had a GT-2400 for 8 yrs now and the only thing that i have done is replace the spark plug and clean out the spark arrestor screen. I like the curved shaft over the straight shaft because i am so tall and tend to scalp with a straight shaft. This one is also very light weight. I have never had power problems with the echo on normal trimming work. I have a straight shaft for brush cutting and very heavy grass.

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