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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nboeger4, May 1, 2008.

  1. nboeger4

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    so currently i run shindowia trimmers and blowers and have been pretty happy with them. however its time for some new stuff. i was running the shindowia t261 trimmers and was wondering if there were any other better trimmers out there? maybe stihl? which brand do you guys like to use? which models? what should be the expected price for a new one?
    thanks guys
  2. Chilehead

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    Stick with Shindaiwa. You own the best brand out there in my opinion. Their 242 Series line of equipment is what you should be looking at. Once the rest of my old equipment dies for good, I'll be dropping about $1500.00 on all new Shindaiwa small equipment. You may want to stay away from their C4 line of engines though--keep buying regular 2-cycle stuff. I have read many a complaint about problems with C4 engines starting/maintaining power when it is hot outside.
  3. yungman

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    T261 is very heavy, if weight does not matter to you, you really should look at Honda HHT25S. It is lighter and should be close to same power. I own the HHT31, I like it. It is a 4 cycle with separate oil. Honda should be very reliable. I have seen HHT25S for $329 in my dealer. Shindaiwa usually are too expensive. I have two Hondas, they are so easy to start, one pull 70% of the time, two pull max. Very light pull, very quiet, never smell.

    There are a lot of good 2 cycles out there that is a lot lighter. You might be happier with them. Redmax stands out. Redmax and Honda were the final two to consider when I was buying my trimmer.:waving:
  4. yungman

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    As a owner of a C4 blower, I agree, stay away. It is not easy to start. 6 pull average. The idle keep changing with different oil. It is not quiet. Honda is sooooo much quieter.

    Do you own 242 stuff? How are they? Are they very loud??!! I am looking for short reach articulate hedge trimmer, the candidates will be Husky, Shindys and Redmax only. I am looking for the quietest one.:waving:
  5. 2 clowns mowing

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  6. magbarn

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    I thought this was a problem with the older gen C4 stuff like the T2500/M2500 series? Supposedly the updated stuff on the T2510/M2510 fixed this problem? My T2510 starts easily whether I'm running it yesterday when it's about 75F outside or when it was 98degrees last week.
  7. Beau Rivage

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    Don't count out the Maruyama...It's the "quietest" piece of equipment I own and the blades are razorblade sharp. Great dealer support as well if you can find anyone in your area that sells them.
  8. iand

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    shindaiwa t261 dry weight 12.8 lb /1.3hp. t242 10.5lb/1.1hp.
    honda hht35s dry weight 15.4lb /1.6hp .hht25s 13lb/1.1hp
    as you can see if you compare the same machines the shindaiwa is lighter for about the same power than the hondas which is why i use shindaiwa
  9. magbarn

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    The problem with Shindy's specs is that they don't list the weight with the "cutting attachment on" their dry weight specs. Then again I'm not sure Honda does either. In either case the HHT35 is not ~3 lbs heavier than the t261 it feels more like about less than a pound heavier. Dealers don't seem to have weight scales around here lol.
  10. Dingojoe

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    I'm partial to the KAWASAKI WEEDEATER KTR27A runs good and always starts on first pull.

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