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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by scuba_010, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. scuba_010

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    I am considering buying a new truck for my lawn care and landscaping business, and don't know which one will be best. I am looking at a 1999 Chevrolet S-10 4cyl Auto with 12,000 miles. I'm not sure if this will be capable of towing my trailer with my rider and push mower on it. my trailer is a small 8X5 and I have a John Deere L110. The other truck is a 1982 GMC 2500 Flatbed 350 cubic inch ladder racks mesh gates and 2 toolboxes. they're asking 1500 for the gmc, and the chevy is at an auction coming up. I will go for the chevy if it will be capable of towing my gear.... also when i got to start advertising for the spring/summer season when do you suggest I start doing so...I know early but around what month...I live in northern Illinois...also what has been the most successful form of advertisement for you, THANKS
  2. LawnTamer

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    The Chev seems a bit small. The flat-bed seems like it may be a little too old. Perhaps you could find something in between. Like say a mid 90s 1500.
  3. Potchkins

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    if you go S-10 stay 94 or newer w/ 4.3 V6 ext cab,

    1500... 350 V8 ext cab maby 95-98 or 99 classic

    you said landscaping too...
    what size installs are you planing on doing?
  4. scuba_010

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    Well I have been driving around my 92 jeep cherokee for all my services. I have been installing retaining walls, decorative walkways, laying sod, etc. and I have been throwing everything on my trailer for this, it'd be nice to throw everything in the back of a pickup. The s-10 says its towing capasity is 2000 lbs
  5. MartinsMowing

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    The chevy will pull it, but i wouldent go with that truck. My shop teacher has a 2000 s10 and its a pos. Its in the dealer at least twice a month, oil leaks, power steering, suspension. not to mention those engines are incredibly noisy and aquire piston slap very soon. Chevy wont do nothin about it either, they say its normal, so in other words unless it blows up...they cant help you. As for the GMC i would try to find something newer, especialy something that wont eat that much gas, and is reliable.
  6. Prestige-Lawncare

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    How much do you do? Are you doing this full time as a living, or part time jobs for extra cash? I think a lot of it depends on just how much you will be towing and hauling the weight. In most cases there's a big difference in taking care of 10 or so properties a week, and doing 40 - 60 a week. A lot more stopping a going, more wear and tear on brakes, etc.

    If you're full time, I would definitely go with something bigger then the S-10.

    Just my opinion ...

  7. scuba_010

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    I have just a little over 30 accounts. I tend to mow the lawns I use my rider on, on the same days. and the others I just grap a push mower and the rest of my equipment. As far as landscaping, I usually get around 10 big jobs over the course of the summer, those beging retaining walls, and sodding.

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