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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by kingofbling, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. kingofbling

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    Im going to mow lawns starting next month (just me and another guy) and i was wanting to know what types of mowers i would need to mow residential/commercial lawn (small business lawn not no apt lawn,etc) would two basic everyday mowers work or would i need to buy something a little better ?

    Please let me know what you guys would recommend,

    Basically going to buy all the basic tools needed but looking to spend less than $1500 to start out with.

  2. Willofalltrades

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    With $1500, a basic evryday mower will have to work. You will need a few hand held tools (string trimmer and blower). What size yards are you talking about? What services are you going to be offering? need more info..
  3. kingofbling

    kingofbling LawnSite Member
    from dallas
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    The yards are not really that big in the areas i plan to target (this is about the size of the ones around my area http://c21images.cendant.com/C21/10004891/0001/LISTING/2fbb3d6f-855f-4c7e-b9be-15295bfee818.JPG) there are alot of new homes that were recently built but those yards are small since the homes are built so close together.

    I would just be offering Mowing, Leaf Cleanup, Edging, Weed Trimming and Hedge Trimming. Basically im going to start small and if everything starts to work out get some extra guys and get better things. Dont want to spend all my money at once in case it doesnt work out i wont be out my investment money.
  4. UtahGrassBust

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    Honda engines on your push mowers and I'm a fan of echo blowers and trimmer.

    Cheap but still high quality. Get better equiptment when you need it and can afford it which ever comes first

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