Which type of dump from seat collection system


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Mid Michigan
I'm interested in getting a dump from seat clamshell collection system which would only be used for spring/fall cleanup as we don't offer bagging for general mowing.

My question is regarding making a decision between a mowing deck powered unit which would be the Scag unit for a 61" cheetah with the 37 hp Briggs, or an aftermarket unit with its own engine which would also go on the Cheetah.

We are currently using Trac-Vac units which have their own engines and have had very good luck, but I like the idea of the convenience the mowing deck powered collection system. My concern is blowout. With our current machines we can idle the mower blade speed down without losing vacuum on the collection system for situations on thin grass or on driveways/parking lots to prevent blowout. We use the lower lift Gator G3 blades for cleanup.

So for those of you Scag collection system users, can you stripe a lawn doing cleanup without lines of leaves left on the discharge side?




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Hodgenville Ky
Mike get you a Scag clamshell I have one on my Scag TT2 it also has the 37hp Briggs It works great I haven't had any problems with lines of leaves

Mowing monkey.

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I don’t have a scag one but I have one on a Dixie chopper. It’s prone to spilling leafs out of the blower side especially in thick leafs. It gives a better result mowing in a circular pattern keeping the blower in the inside.