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which walk behind for my lawn?


LawnSite Member
I have a 2 acre piece of property that has a few slopes on it. Not too bad, I was able to stay on my snapper ride on to cut them. it also has about 25-30, 20 year old trees that have to be cut around. I want to get a walk behind since my Snapper 38" was taking me 4 hours to cut last year. I thought that a Gravely 48" belt drive walk behind with 17hp Kawi, floating deck with a Velke was the way to go but now I am not sure. Here are my questions:

A. Is belt drive ok for me?
B. Is 48" the right size?
C. Floating or fixed for a homeowner?
D. 15 or 17hp?
E. 3100 for the 17hp Gravely with floating deck and electric start seems like a great deal to me....is it?

Thanks for the help


LawnSite Member
Depending on the grade of your slopes will help you figure out if you need a hydro or not. If they are not too steep, then a belt drive mower will do just fine for a homeowner, just don't expect to get up those hills in the rain. I do not think you will have to get a floating deck for a 48" deck, you can, but is not necessary with a deck of this size. A velke is a good idea, because walking sucks, but is a little bit tricky if you decide to go with a belt drive. And I'll leave the brand of mower to get out of this reply because they are generally all good mowers. For a homeowner, with the few hours you will put on it, you will have good luck with most commercial mowers. Just my opinions, hope this helped.


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Central N.J.
Ok, here's my opinion. You are a HOMEOWNER. You are not counting on this mower for your LIVING. So you will not be cutting in the RAIN now will you? Unless you want your wife to believe that you truly are 100% nuts. <G> What takes you 4 hours on a 38" ride-on should take around 1.5 hours (somewhere around there, I'm allowing time for all those trees) on a 48" belt driven mower. I would also suspect that you know your front lawn in and out and would know what areas you would "bottom out" on so I'd say get a fixed deck.. Only thing that would make me think go to a floating deck is the steepness of those slopes you have. But other than that, I'd go with a 48" Exmark Metro or Metro HP if you want floating. I think you're looking around $2499 for the Metro and slightly higher of course for the Metro HP.

Good luck, happy cutting.

And pick up a pair of Peltour Worktunes while you're at it. The mowers are very very loud and not good for your ears. The Peltour Worktunes allow you to listen to Am or Fm radio at a low volume level, while physically blocking out all the engine noise with padded foam. They are very comfortable and can be had online for $60 flat.