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which walk behind to buy?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JAC, May 28, 2004.

  1. JAC

    JAC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 48

    Hello fellows - I am a homeowner with a big yard and a small farm, looking for the very best 32"-42" walk behind mower that will bag if I need to.


    Will easily cut 12" tall damp grass without clogging exit chute

    Will leave a dead-flat pretty lawn when I am done

    Easy to steer on 35 degree slope walking for 400 feet

    Parts and service easy to find


    A RECOMMEDNATION (from an amateur)

    Swisher Trim-Max walk behind 6.5hp string mower - this is the most useful item I have in my shed. It mows under fences and right up to the base of low trees. It will cut right down to the bare earth if you want to. It can be used as an edger. It will cut down even rose bramble up to 1/4 inch hard stems.

    When I trim the cattle fence, I mow right down to brown dirt leaving nothing showing uner the fence. It even cuts up to 6" on the OTHER SIDE of the fence. I can trim the ground to brown dirt with no stems showing under low trees. It will sail through foot tall wet grass in the rain. If it did not leave such an uneven surface, I would mow with it. If it were self-propelled with dual drive on the wheels, it would be the do-all of do-alls. I love it. If there was fixed cut height control and if it was self propelled, I may not even be asking about the mower I have described above. I think I forsee a total revolution in lawn mowing possible with this TYPE of machine. That's what I think - but I'm just a homeowner with a big yard and a small farm.

    IS THERE A BLADE that I can buy that will increase the efficiency of my woefully disappointing 22hpKohler Sears rider with 42" deck" If there is the slightest dampness, the chute clogs immediately and I have to dig out clumps of grass-mud from under the deck by hand.

    Is there a blade that I can buy that will increase the already very good suction of my 21" 5hp Snapper Commercial (you push) walk behind? I have the high lift blade kit with the bolt on extension wings now. It is the only mower I have which sucks every acorn, twig and loose piece of anything off the ground.

    SWISHER is offering a 42" 3 blade self propelled walk behind for only $1300, That really attracted me - except that it only has a 9hp motor. Is this feasable? A 9hp mower on a 42" 3 blade deck? Is this "too good" (cheap) to be true?

    I am grateful for this forum and find it to be very interesting.

    Dean (just another Christian)
    I can usually answer difficult Bible questions with good scholarship, should anyone care to inquire

    Thank you, again.
  2. locutus

    locutus LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NC
    Messages: 1,266

    I dont think there is any way to cut 12" tall/wet grass and produce the type of results you claim to want, at least without double cutting.

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