Which walk behind to climb hills?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jod788, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. jod788

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    Ok so I have a few areas that I mow that I have to climb hills too steep for my nerves to handle on the zero turn. Some guys on some mowers might, but not me. Note- I’m not mowing the hill, but have to climb them to access where in mowing, which are areas anywhere from .4 to .6 acres. I have a 30” but obviously can’t use a sulky or anything with it. I’d be using the WB on other lawns too. Gonna be a belt because I just can’t justify the $$ for a hydro with what I do. Not enough lawns. So I’m looking at the 32 or 36 T bar. Question is on these hills. I’ve driven a t bar a little but never on a hill. Are they easy to navigate up and down fairly steep hills? What technique would be used to keep it from running away down a hill? Also noting the 32 has same Hp As the 36 but 60 lbs lighter.
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  3. bshak

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    I was looking at a Hustler Trimstar 36 yesterday that is a hydro that costs as much as a used Exmark 36. I never even considered Hustler but I am looking at it now. There was a used Big Dog 36 that had 7 hours for 4100. I understand what you mean about not having the lawns to justify an expensive mower but something to think about.
  4. kabrac

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    I used to have a hustler trimstar 48 hydro. It would have worked fine but I agree the hydros are a little jerky. There's more control in the fingertips.....
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    To clarify - not going to be spending a lot of time on these hills and not mowing the hill, just need to transport myself and the mower up the hill to the level spot to be mowed. I currently push my 30 Turfmaster up them. Takes a bit of effort and encouragement. I don't mow wet anything. Ever. So moisture on the belt won't be an issue. I'd assume a belt drive can climb these with no issue. Just not sure going down how they'd work going back down. Don't really want a runaway 400 lb mower.
  6. kabrac

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    Yeah, not only cheaper, but more reliable as there are less parts to tear up and they weigh less than a hydro
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    I'm a homeowner with a hill and a 36" belt drive. One thing about a belt drive on hills, you'll learn how to use it really quick or you'll get used...
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  8. Turf Tracer

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    Hill Monster. Hydro Big Tires. Ran T and pistol belts many years. Would not put them in drainage ditches we run these.

  9. lawnboy dan

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    I own a toro tbar 32 and it goes up hills just fine -but going down is another story . the breaks just arnt strong enough for that. you can put in 1st or 2nd gear and let it drive down keeping pressure on the tbar forward. the gears will keep it from running away -up to a point. its very stable going across hills. I used to do some pretty steep hills with mine
  10. millie86

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    have a 54 inch hustler trimstar and recently sold a 48..little different at first compared to pistol grips..ive never owned a brand new mower..run 4 wbs and 1 zero turn..hardly ever have problems and have always bought used..i currently have hustler, 2 scags, and great dane. have used snapper, exmark, toro and i would have to say every one of those have been good on hills.. all have been hydro though..

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