Which way is best for commercial bids?


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Thanks guys for any imput you might have for me. I bought a small company this spring with about 45 accounts. I've added some residentials, which was no problem to bid, but the commercial jobs are another story. Do I walk the commercial site and guess how long it will take and charge 60 dollars an hour? This seems very dificult when you start looking at 100,000 plus square foot jobs. Or do you measure out the job and charge a certain amount per 10.000 square feet, and take into concideration the diffculty of the terain? I have gotton a lot of calls assking for a bid, and i'm realy unsure first which method to use, and second, if measured, how much per 10,000 square feet? I figure theres no clear cut answer, but if any of you guys have any imput, I would gratly appreciate it.


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The reason com accounts ask for a bid is because they want someone cheeper then they have now. We have done away with most of our com accounts because they always want things for free. I would say, stick with the res. accounts. JMO