Which way to go?


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Well, earlier this spring I passed my Pesticide Applicators tests and am now able to legally treat lawns.

Right now, I will be 100% granular, with possible spot treatments by way of 5gal backpack sprayer.

I have ~500,000 sq/ft of turf to treat as of right now. Some lots are 3+ acres others are as small as 15K.

I would like to grow this end of the business, but I need to decide which way to go.

Get a Perma-Green or similar to allow less tiresome days on bigger turf areas, and to utilize liquid herbicides.


Go all out and get a 200gal spray tank for the truck.

Storage and handling of materials is a big concern. I use my truck for lots of other jobs, so keeping a spray tank in the bed for a month or so just isn't feasible. I don't have a forklift to remove it either. Not to mention what to do with any leftover liquid, and what to do if cold temps hit.

I looked at the Lesco HPS and the hydro powered spreader, but those still won't help me treat those hard to kill weeds that require liquid apps. Plus, price wise, it just doesn't add up.

I'm sure many of you out there have been in this situation. With whats out there today, what is your best suggestion regarding the above decision.



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I would go with the PG or Zspray if you are planning on growing the business. I have a PG Magnum and I love it, it just makes life easier after pulling a hose for over 20yrs. But you could start with a lesco push spreader and PG's new synergy sprayer that mounts on the spreader, it cost about $400 and would be much faster than using a backpack.


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IMHO a enclosed 12 ft trailer may be the best investment for you. Keep both your Z sprayer (My choice) and material in it. When ready to do apps just hook up and go. If you need more room go with a bigger trailer.


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I would buy the Lesco HPS, and buy the Drop in tank for it from Rhett @ Gregson Clark.

When you get over a Million Sq. Ft. of turf, that would justify the purchase of a Z-Spray or Perma Green.

Many moons ago (20 years) I back packed 200K of turf, and I thought that Suck*d.

Liquid should be your only option for broadleaf control, unless you do Athletic Fields in the Early AM On heavy Dew with Granular. HPS and Gregson Clark setup is Sweet setup for the little guy IMO.

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you only have 5 days worth of work every 5 weeks. A trailer would be nice.
However--you could buy a skid sprayer like the Gregson Clark (click above) or a used sprayer at around $1500. Put it into your pickup. When done slide it out onto a picnic table or purpose built stand made from 4X4 timbers. Use a come-along or boat winch to move it out and move it back. Be ready to accomodate different levels when your truck springs sag a little.
Or...buy a skid sprayer and find a chemical dealer or storage company with a Hilo. Pay them to remove it and store it for you.


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Thanks a lot for the idea's guys.

Already have a 15 y/o Lesco push spreader. This is what I will use this season.

My concern is with 1+ acre properties and these small sprayer attachments.

The Gregson Clark drop in model seems to take up the entire hopper with it's 9 gallons? Right? How do you spread granular fert with that then?

The PG Synergy takes up no room in the hopper, but only covers 16K with it's 2 gals.

I really feel a 200gal skid sprayer isn't for me yet, or maybe ever. I don't know. I don't really have the storage space for such a large heavy item. Add to that the other concerns I mentioned in my opening post.

With a ride on type unit, I can load it on the back of the mowing trailer, fill up the truck bed with required granular fert, and hit the road. Later that same day, I can be out cutting other properties, mulching, or whatever.

I don't want it to seem as if I made up my mind yet, so keep the suggestions coming.

As far as 1 million sq/ft.....I'm 1/2 way there already, and these are only a small handfull of my current customers that always showed intrest if I ever got licensed. If I quoted the rest of my customer base, I could easily surpass the million mark. Possibly as soon as this season.

I suppose I should really be looking at which unit is better for me. The PG or the Z-spray, as these seem to be the top two ride on type. If the HPS had a dedicated liquid capacity, it would also likely be in the running.

Thanks guys.


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We are also 100% granular and the Perma- Green has really worked out well as far as time and ease of application. It is tough to use in small yards, so it is good to have a push spreader in the truck. Unless you are doing a lot of spraying I would recommend going the a powered spreader. You can control most weeds with a backpack, and it is also better than broadcast spraying.



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To those that have used both the PG and the Z-Spray.

Which one suits a new operator better?

Which one requires the least maintenance?

Which one is best on hills?

Which one is going to last the longest?