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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ple_1969, Apr 8, 2002.

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    I am having a house built on 4 acres and so it’s now time to put the old Wheel Horse out to pasture. The land is flat with hardly any trees. Now, I have a limited budget around $5,000 so this is what I am thinking of. The Toro residential ZTR TimeCutter Z 18 hp 52” cut, the Toro commercial ProLine walk behind 20 hp 52” cut with a sulky, an eXmark commercial turf Tracer 17hp 52” cut with a sulky or a a Scag SWZU 17 hp with a 52” cut and a sulky. All units are hydro and have the floating deck.

    With the lawn that I am going to have what would be the best solution? My main concerns are quality of cut, ability to mow at a higher speed, and durability. I have a Toro and an eXmark dealer in my area with a Scag dealer sort of close by. So other manufactures are out of the running.

    Any and all feedback will be appreciated!

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    for your situation ,i think i could recommend getting a low hrs
    commercial z. if u go ztr. otherwise and only if u want to stay
    in good shape ,any of thementioned wb should do well.
    the determining factor being ,which dealer u think will keep u mowing.course now i got a 52 lazer 96 model,everything
    in mint shape. well might need a new seat.only drove to church on sunday by aunt clairees.:) weear dealin. u did say 5000 right.;)
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    A comm'l grade w/b with a sulky. With only 4 acres to mow, this may be the last mower you will ever buy. They are designed to go many hours, and it will take YEARS for you to put on those types of hours only mowing your lawn.

    I always lean toward eXmark. The quality of the machines, quality of cut, and manufacturer support is second to NONE in this industry. You also have them on this website to ask questions to. They are easy to get answers from.
  4. mowerconsultant

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    The Hustler FasTrak is going to be perfect for your needs.
    Your application is exactly what we built it for !!!
    It is built to commercial standards, but is for a homeowner.
    The unit has different hydros than a commercial unit, they will last a long time for homeowner use though.
    You should be able to buy a 20/52 for the price range you are looking to stay in.
    That unit come with a 20 Honda also, you cant beat that !!!
    Please compare this unit to the Toro your looking at, you will find it to be built a lot better.
    Heck, it is built better than most commercial mowers out there !
    E-mail me for your closest dealer, or check out our website.

  5. John Gamba

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    Turf Tracer 23Kohler 60" Ultracut. And A Fixed sullky.:D :D
    www.exmark.com Go To Turf Tracer

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