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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bdoutdoors, Apr 8, 2009.

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    I have a 2 ac. lawn with lots of sand and leaves in the fall. I cut the grass at my church which is about 1.5 ac. with the cementary and i also cut a elderly ladies yard that is about 2 ac. . I have a john deere riding mower now that is worn out the motor is fine but i have gone through 2 decks. I am going to buy a z but not sure which one. I have a john deere,hustler,exmark,walker, and a snapper/yazoo dealer near me. im putting about 200 hours a year on my mower.
  2. punt66

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    200hrs seems excessive for 3 lots. Even if you ran 2 hrs a lot (more than double what it should take) and cut 52 weeks a year (not going to happen) you get 100hrs. However any commercial mower you listed will last you for many years. Its personal preference. If you want the best cut and bagging then go for a walker. But they are slow compared to the other ztr's. Exmark would be my pick out of your list. Love my ferris.
  3. copter

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    I purchased a Snapper ZT1844 in 2005 and I have not cut my grass one time without the junk cutting off numerous times cutting my 1/2 acre.
    I found the problem to be the fuel line in the tank turned into a gell like substance and gummed up the fuel system.
    Snapper blamed it on the additives in the fuel and were no help at all.
    After removing and cleaning the carb and cleaning the fuel system it at least 5 times the problem still exist.
    Now this year the junk needs a $1000 pump.
    My Craftsman 14hp 42" deck cut my grass for 20 years with no problems.
    Steer clear of Snapper junk!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lifetree

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    Snapper residential stuff, for sure ... however, Snapper PRO machines are well built because they are commercial, not homeowner junk !!
  5. Chris "Greenville"

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    Hustler commercial is what I use in my business..of course that may be excessive for what you need... Hustler has just released the new Sport residential version that you should check out.. the going price is $2999 and has the commercial quality deck that you may be looking for. you can click on the Hustler link at the top and check it out... good luck..
  6. Midstate Lawncare

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    There are two people in my area who have part time mowing op's with a john deere 245? or 435?(about $3k) residential zero turn. One hour on your rider is about 25 minutes on one of these z's as well. They are both very happy with their mowers and have excellent dealer support...
    Also, one of these units has almost 900 hours on it so don't let the naysayers tell you different. Just keep the oil checked and changed.
    If you have a deere dealer close to you, I'd go with them. For the small ammount of mowing you do, you do not need a commercial unit... but if you have the money, a hustler super Z with the 35 horse mower and 72" deck should do the job!... aint that :usflag:
    btw, I use Scag mowers... Nothin' better.

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