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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ttstockdogs, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I am about ready to purchase a new Z900 mower. Don't need anyone to try to talk me into the next brand because of blah, blah. Do alot of business with this JD dealer, it's close and they treat me good.

    My dilema is, I am going to add the 14 bu. dump from seat bagger. I am looking at the 910a, 920a, 925a 54" non MOD deck with the difference being HP.

    Is the 22HP 910 going to make that big of a difference for a personal mower. I would go with the Z700 series if you could get the bagger on it.

    I was looking at the Protero PV18 bagger system which is $1,100 cheaper than the JD, Until I read the posts about their customer service and delivery issues. Really too bad, it looked like a great product.

    The 900's and 700's are currently available with 42 mo. @ 0% which I like for cash flow. Plus if I get their bagger it is covered with the mower.

    Would Like to just go with the 910a as it is the cheaper option.

    Any help from those of you with powerflow experience would be great.
  2. ttstockdogs

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    No replies yet but, I ended up buying the 910A. It was $1,400 more to gain 4HP with the 920A which I thought was ridiculous.

    Won't be here until April which is too bad, I would love to pickup the rest of my leaves and small twigs.
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    I just saw this thread. Too bad, because maybe I could have helped you out a bit. There IS a bagger for the Z700 series, but most dealers are either too lazy or too stupid to know about it. My dealer swore up and down that there wasn't. I went to Deere's site and found it and sent him the link. He said that they weren't even aware of it, and called Deere to confirm it. This is a very large dealer too, with lots of stores in all areas of sales from small to the largest ag equip.

    I have a Z720 and it is an excellent machine. I mow professionally with it.

    As for the extra 4 HP- you'll wish you had it once you run a bagger with yours. They take a lot out of a ZTR engine along with the hydros. I almost went with the 910/54", but ended up getting the 720/60".

    Take a look at the Kawi website. The engine you have (FX651V) has been downgraded from 22 hp to 20.5 actual HP under the new, more accurate system that they are all going to, to rate engines. That's not a lot to run the deck, hydro's and bagger.

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    Ridin Green, I have no doubt the extra HP would be a plus but, the price to make that jump was outrageous in my opinion. Do you still have the info on the 700 series bagger and was it the dump from seat or the bag style.


  5. Ridin' Green

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    I don't have it, but I believe I can still find it if you need it (info). The bagger was the three bag system IIRC. For sure not the dump from seat type. I prefer the bags anyway. They are a lot easier to store away when not needed, plus I can walk them out and dump them in areas where I can't always get the entire machine.
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    My new Z910A showed up 3 weeks early which was a great surprize. It was delivered yesterday, I had to install the Bagger system and the suspension seat. That takes about 4 hours if you have not done them before.

    It has been raining here so I have to wait to test it out. The deck is a little on the heavy side to lift with the powerflow mounted. I am still waiting for the weights and the lights to show up.

    Ridin' Green or other Z900 owners, what hole do you run your front and rear scalp wheels in?

    new mower.jpg
  7. Ridin' Green

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    Sweet! That's a thing of beauty.

    To answer your question:
    I cut at 3-3.25". I can set the gauge wheels in the lowest hole and be just the correct recommended (in the manual) amount off the ground when sitting on a smooth level surface like you should be on to check them when the deck is in the cutting height position.

    BUT- I have found that setting them in the middle hole works better because when mowing at any kind of speed at all at that height, and with the gauge wheels in the lowest hole, if you go over a root (like a pine or maple which grow on or near the surface), or a rock that is sticking up just enough for them to hit, it makes the entire mower deck jump, and sounds like, well, like it isn't doing the mower deck any good. I started running my center gauge wheels all the way up though, because I noticed that when they are set at the same height as the outer ones, they tend to leave a narrow little stripe that will show up in the center of your mow strip/stripe which ruins the look IMO. Cutting at that height, and with the gauge wheels adjusted like that, I still don't have any scalping or dipping problems even on the 60" deck.

    I just sold my Z720 a few days ago, and ordered my new Z950 today. It should be here before the end of the month. I ordered it with pneumatic front casters tires instead of the run flats, because the run flats ride like the old roller skates that came on the small steel wheels back in the sixties/seventies. You'll be glad that you have the suspension seat with the factory run flats, trust me on that.
  8. ttstockdogs

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    Ridin' Green,
    My dealer set up the outside scalpwheels in the middle and the center in the top. I dropped the outers to mow at 1.5". I usually mow at 3" and my lawn is a little rough so your recommendation will probably work great.

    I mowed my lawn in just over an hour for the first time. It usually takes 2 1/2. I think 1 hour is realistic once I get used to the mower.

    My first impressions are; The Z910A is a little light on power for the PowerFlow, if I were a commercial user I would probably have at least a 925A with this option. For my use it should be fine as the cost to go to the 925 is almost $2,200 more.

    The dump from seat bagger is awesome. It takes a little getting used to it hanging back there. You have to be careful not to bang it into trees and other obsticles. You definately have to have the weight kit with this. (my weights haven't come in yet, as the hopper fills up the front wheels start to get really light which is good because my bagger fill indicator isn't in either.)

    Lifting the deck with the power flow on is definately harder. It may be an issue with my wife.

    The cut quality compared to my old JD mower LTR180 is amazing. (I would expect this for the price)

    I would invest in the suspension seat. It gives enough cushion to make the ride a little nicer. For the money spent on the mower $250 bucks is not that much. It's too bad JD doesn't just put them on all of the commercial Ztraks.

    I was expecting a 2 Year warranty. When all the paperwork came through it is a 3 year with 1,500 hr which is nice.
  9. Ridin' Green

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    I forgot to mention this in my last post-

    The deck spring assist can be adjusted to make lifting the deck much easier. The directions to adjust it are in your manual. If you take the entirebagger/blower unit off, or take off just the powerflo head itself along with the connecting hose, you will want to change the spring back to where it was set when you got it. Otherwise, when you hit a bump in the yard, the assist spring will have so much tension on the deck lift, that it will cause the deck to really bounce up and down over each bump.

    It's the large spring under the seat. You simply tighten or loosen the tensioning nut and lock nut to adjust it one way ot the other. Make sure you measure the total length of the spring from outside to outside of each nut on opposite ends of the spring, both before and after you adjust it to what feels best to you. It makes it easy to go back and forth between just having the mower on and having the powerflohead on without constantly adjusting, climbing on and testing, the adjusting some more.
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    Ridin' Green, you are going to force me to read the owners manual:dizzy:

    I just ordered the throttle shaft for the FX730V which should add 3HP to the FX651V that is in my mower. 15% extra power should make a difference. It will be under $40 dollars for this conversion to be the same as a Z920A It sure beats the $1,400 JD wants to go to the Z920A.

    The info that led me to this is here http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=317558 and I ordered the parts here http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=kawasaki_engines&mn=FX730V-AS00+4+Stroke+Engine+FX730V&dn=99907-61990080 Part # 16041-7052 $25.00 (I ordered some extra throttle plate screws)

    If my new mower won't do the job I can always use the HX20!


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