Which Zero Turn Under $5500.

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Tannaciousz, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. dcfas

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    Yeah, the Kubotas look very solid. Another mower I would look hard at is the Bobcat XRZ. I would have tested the CRZ if there was a dealer nearby, but there isn't. Check out the specs, they look like a great machine.
  2. grassguy03

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    I have a gravely zt60hd. This is my second season with it and it has about 85 hours on it. So far I have no complaints except I wish I would have ordered a suspension seat from the dealer.
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  3. retrodog

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    There are grammer seats on ebay for $599 :)
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  4. Tannaciousz

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    Speaking of eBay deals, Has anyone tried one of these suspension bases for their factory seat? Seems like a cheaper alternative to the Grammer if it will fit. Looks like it's got some trampoline springs inside of it for the "suspension". Not sure how the Grammer seat works but is it similar in design & function?

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  5. Tannaciousz

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    So I've upped my spending limit a little and found a deal on a new Hustler Fastrak SD 48" with Kawi FX691V engine. This model carries a 4 year 800 hour warranty, which tops the other mowers I've been comparing. Can someone who's ran the Fastrak SD comment on the quality of cut and how it compares to the competition? It only has a 4" deep deck which seems to be the shallowest of the bunch. For example, the Gravely ZTHD has a 5-1/2" deep deck.
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