Which ZTR for big guy?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by erdocdan, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Have you tried the AO safety worktunes? They have am/fm radio while also offer hearing protection. I picked up some at home depot for like $50 and had pretty good luck with them. Especially nice when your mowing during the football games this fall!

    Heres the link
  2. erdocdan

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    Well I got a new Lazer ZX 60 with the 801 Kaw and series 6 deck. Did a seat upgrade to the adjustable that's stock on the diesel. 11,500 OTD.
    First impression loud and jerky. My wife mowed with it and I don't think she exceeded 5mph. Too bad the controls don't have the ability to decrease the sensitivity near center stick like on a helicopter. It would help to keep down unwanted control input from every little bump when doing close work. I guess you just get use to it with time.
    I looked at Scag, Ferris, JD, Hustler,and Husqvarna. I was impressed at the Husky PZ6029 and could have bought that for 9,750 OTD. I actually found one on EBay New(not demo) for 8,500 from Nashville with a shipping quote of 250. Same Kaw engine, pumps and wheel motors. Deeper deck with larger discharge. Looked very rugged and well built with a very comfortable adjustable seat. Bigger greasable spindles. Neat deck lock control on pedal.
    In the end I fell for the hype. Exmark best cut, least maintanence, no lines to leak bla bla bla. I think my wife liked the shade of red better. I was just seeing alot more green.
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    i would honestly recommend a tractor like a jd lt155. i have one, it is great on hills. you might be better off with a wright sport or stand on. the wright sport has a seat to sit, but same layout as a stand on. no control bars to hit your legs or knees. i would highly recomend a toro grandstand as a stand on, and it evens converts into wb by folding up platform.
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    Yes those new Husqvarnas are nice thanks to the orange JD 7 iron deck they got.

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    It just takes some seat time to get used to the controls, also they will wear in alittle with time and become less jerky as the pumps get alittle use out of them.

    Once you mow with it a few times you wont even notice how responsive/jerky they are, it will just become normal and you will be able to get closer to things while cutting in.

  6. erdocdan

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    Did they copy them or does Deere build em for them?
  7. erdocdan

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    Your correct. I put some muffs on and just getting rid of the noise made it a lot less scary. I adjusted the control arms up and that helped for me. I mowed for a couple hours and took it slow on the close work and got the feel of it. I can't believe how fast they are in the straights. You almost need a bug screen. Some places are hard and bumpy and and I hade to slow down to keep from jaring man and machine apart. Kept my eyes open for woodchuck holes. Wouldn't want to do it for a living but I can see why you guys look forward to cutting the grass now. Should have bought one when I was young.
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    Nice mower! eXmarks are great machines!
  9. Nate'sLawnCare

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    I looked at a Husky PZ6029 with a suspension seat earlier this year and was very impressed. It was very comfortable, one you could ride all day. I just couldn't justify the expense this year.
  10. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Should tested a DC the Classic models fit tall guys well Lots of leg room and seating is like a kitchen chair
    I know them exmarks kinda laying down
    Remember mowingwith one relax no stiff arms if run it with stiff arms you hit a bump be like bucking horse

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