Which ZTR has hands down the best mulching?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Howie's Lawn Care, May 12, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,
    I kept hearing about how good the ZR-7s are, but then realized that's side discharging. I guess thats what everyone is talking about when they talk about quality of cut, but what brand do you think mulches the best. I've heard Toro is good and Kubota claims to have a good system. What do you guys think mulches the best in the thick spring time growth? WHich brand has the best bagging ability?

    I'm going to be side discharging this week, but usually don't because of the tightly landscaped areas I mow. I just don't see how side discharge will look that great since the grass is just being scattered all over. I just haven't tried it with my rider yet. It was delivered with the mulch kit on it. I tried it without the mulch kit, but had the gator mulching blade on and it did a very poor job. It basically laid down a strip of grass. My toro push suck at side discharging and the snapper push I used last year was absolutely pathetic. It laid down a thin strip of clump.

    I've noticed with my toro and snapper that do this, that they blow to the left and I think that is why they suck at side discharging. Last year I blew off sidewalks with the snapper and it blew grass to the left although although side discharge opening is on right. Thats what my Toro does this year. It keeps putting grass in flower beds and the edger does the same either direction I use it. Does anybody have any tips for keeping the clippings out of flower beds.

    Thanks for any advice and suggestion.

    -Nick Howard
  2. kc2006

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    never had a problem with the exmark ultra decks. When i worked for the other company we used to run the mulch kits all year long, 60/27 lazer had no problem full speed cutting, just had to clean the decks more often and sharpen blades daily or every other day.

    I just bought a triton deck, so far it's WAY better in side discharging an overall quality of cut then the old exmark decks, so I cant wait to see how it does mulching, I'm going to get the mulch kit in a couple weeks.
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    The best mulching mower I have ever used is a JD 717 ztrac with the mulching kit with gators. I cant say enough good about it. Would turn leaves or straw into pure dust. My Exmark with the dump from the seat is the best bagger Ive use so far but have not used a lot of the others to compare it to.
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    my z master w/recycling kit does a great job .

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