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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BamaBoyNeedsHelp, Jun 29, 2005.

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    Man am I getting the run around. Just bought a farm, have a JD4610 tractor, and been bushhogging. I have decided or should I say my wife has decided that she doesn't like the looks of a bushogged yard. I was initially going to buy a finishing mower for the back of the tractor, but after doing research, I am finding that I will be much better off buying one of these new hot road ZTR's. I plan on cutting about 5 acres around the house with the mower weekly and will probably bushog the rest of my 20 acres monthly. From what I have been told, I will mow it all instead of bushogging when I buy my ZTR due to the speed and ease of use. I doubt it, but again I am hearing a lot of stories. I would like to get out for less than $5K, but that puts me out of most of the commercial grade ZTR's. The local dealers are trying to sell me 1) a Hustler Fastrak 20 HP Honda, 52" cut for $4500 or 2) Cub Cadet Z50 23HP Kohler, 50" deck for $4000. Any opinions on which is better? Should I bite the bullet and go ahead and spend $6000 and get one of the lower end commercial grades? I have found what is supposedly a blow out on a commercial TORO with 20HP Kohler and 52" cut for $6295, but it don't seem that I am getting anymore cut or anymore horsepower??? Then, there's the dealer with the Feris that is hyping the independent suspension which after riding a few of these seems that it may have value. The hustler seem to beat me to death - no springs even under seat. As you can see I need some professional advice from an unbiased, experienced user. Please help. BTW - I am really open to finding a good used, commercial machine, but everyone tells me not go that route because you landscape guys are rough on your equipment. Let me know if you live near northern AL and have a good used machine.

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    Stay with Deere!
  3. lawncare4u

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    Get you a HUSTLER SUPER Z
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Bamaboy, if you are cutting 5 acres, I would definetly go with a commercial ztr. You will get a lot of replies to this from exmark to deere to hustler. Try them all and pick the one you like. I like my deere best but thats just my .02.
  5. A+ Lawncare

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    bobcat prederator pro 61'' cut 31hp bought new for $6,500 and love it :)
  6. tnturbo

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    Seeing as you already have the John Deere tractor, I would buy a finish mower and save my money. You can pick up a 60-72" finish mower for a LOT less than a ZTR
  7. K c m

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    are you sure? that seems quit cheap for a 61"
  8. Tombigbee

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    I would have to agree with tnturbo...
  9. Big Hoss

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    You've done bought the farm so I am assuming that you are planning on being there awhile . I would look to the Hustler Super Diesel with 72" deck on it . Something else to think about is side or rear discharge and the fact that the deck is hydraulic driven if I'm not mistaken .

    Big Hoss
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    I use a kubota ZD21 pro for 8 hours one day of the week. I stand by these machines till the day I die! Check the specs on them and then compare it to a kubota ZD. John Deere finally added a diesal powered ZTR with a shaft driven deck (copy of kubota) this year. Only problem is it lists for $14,000.
    Unfortunately your just paying for the name. Kubota in my opinion leads the market on new product inovations! If I'm not mistaken Kubota was the first company to offer ROPS as standard feature. Look at all the company's that have fallen suit now. (Deere,ExMark,Hustler,etc.) I say again I stand by these machines like no other because all the others get left in the dust!

    Send me a message threw my lawnsite account if you have any more Q's or need any more help. :waving:

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