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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by volfan615, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. volfan615

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    Looking at replacing a 5 year old Scotts 16HP 42" lawn tractor with a ZTR. I have apx. 1.5 acers all basically flat. I started out looking at the toro timecutter, cub cadet and simplicity Javelin. In the past week I've been to about every dealer in town and looked at Gravely, Exmark, Husky, Simplicity, Toro, etc and I think I have narrowed the choice to the following two.

    TORO Z400, 18hp Kohler, 48", $4,999

    Simplicity Champion, 20hp Kohler, 44", $4,850

    Which one do you think would be the best bet? Should I include the Fastrak in this list? The only problem is that I think it has the EZT drives.

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. steve45

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    For home use, you might consider a used commercial mower. This is what I did. I bought a used Scag and got a lot more mower than I could afford to buy new. I figure that with weekly mowing, it should last me at least another 20 years, judging by average engine/drivetrain life.
  3. nmurph

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    look at the Hustler's-
    Mini Z 19/42 on sale for $4800 full commercial
    fast trak 18/44 on sale for $4300 -uses IZT integrated motors
    look at the Hustler forum. Read the comments that are made regarding issues of customer service and factory support...they can't be topped.
  4. flake1333

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    Your right on, the hustler is the way to go, I have a Hustler 19kaw/52 Mini Z. What a mower, it cost $5700 but I will not be replacing it in 5 years, it will just be broke in that amount of time. Buy a Hustler, for 4600 to 4800 you could buy a Fastrack honda 20hp with 52 inch deck, my buddy just bought one after driving my Z. He paid 4800.00 with flex forks, hour meter. GO WITH THE HUSTLER Those other mowers are not in the same class.
  5. volfan615

    volfan615 LawnSite Member
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    It's now down to the Simplicity 20/50 and the Hustler fastrak 20/52. I'm going to try to drive both of them tomorrow. The Simplicity is less expensive, has striping rollers across the back of the deck and sperate pumps/drives. But everyone here seems to rave about Hustler. The Fastrak also has a 4 yr warranty compared to Simplictys 2 yr.
  6. lzrj

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    If it's down to those two, then just ride both of them and pick the one you like better. Ive looked at both and for the homeowner, either will do the job just fine. I personally like the simplicity better. The only dislike I have with the Fastrak is it looked (and felt) to me like a go cart with a mower under it. I know I have heard other guys on the site say the same thing. I am taller and I felt pretty silly sitting on it. I think why most people perfer the hustler is because of the name being known more in the commericial field than Simplicity which is really only targeting the residential side. Im also not a fan of the IZT drive system for zero turns for long term use. IZT (from what I have been told) wares out faster due to more metal on metal moving parts.
  7. volfan615

    volfan615 LawnSite Member
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    I think that is exactly what's holding me back.. I thought it was just me. Glad to hear someone else say it.

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