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Which ztr?


LawnSite Member
Ok, i've narrowed it down. Should i get a Scag Tiger Cat or the Hustler Z4. both 48 in. deck. both Kawi. Will be mowing mostly residentials and and few larger ones.

I've demoed the Z4 and really liked it. unfortunatlly didn't get to cut with it though. Did not have the xr-7 deck or what ever it is. Scag will have Velocity+ deck. :)

As secondary mowers, Scag 36 swzu walk behind, Some cheap push mower that works ok.



LawnSite Fanatic
If you already have that scag 36 as a back up mower, then I would go with the Scag for the ztr. It makes the most sense to me to try and stay with one brand. That way you will only need to go to one dealer for parts and/or service.

But the real deciding factor should be placed on which brand has the best dealer support.


LawnSite Bronze Member
We sell both scag and hustler. Both are great mowers, the Hustler does have the residential 4 year warranty where the scag has the 3 year warranty. The Z4 is a new mower and we did sell a bunch of them last year but our feedback has been scarse. Which I guess that means its not having any problems. We have not had one back in the shop yet.

I do konw that the scag velocity+ is one heck of a good cutting mower!! Which ever choice you will make you will be happy with either!