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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by stepadery, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. stepadery

    stepadery LawnSite Member
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    First let me say how informative this web site is. It has help me in the past with all of the information/suggestions. Now I guess it's my turn for a question.
    I'll be mowing about 2 acres with which ever I decide to get. I'm down to 2 choices. The Dixon "Ram 50" or the Ariens "Zt 2352". The reason I'm down to these is the other mowers did not offer a option for a snow blade. I really wanted to go for the Hustler "Fastrack"
  2. scrjunky6

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    this was a tough choice even though they seem like the same mowers in a lot of ways i think the ariens zt 2352 gave more then the dixon ram 50 did
  3. wvbill

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    I don't mean to "muddy your waters" so to speak but the Country Clipper JAZee and JAZee Two models also have a "Push blade" accessory to push snow.

    See here

    A caution though - don't expect to be able to push very heavy snowfalls with any ZTR. They just don't have enough weight to give enough traction (even with chains) to do much pushing.

    Best of luck on your search.

  4. bantam

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    IMHO I disagree with ZTR not moving snow well. If they are built right they can move snow much quicker than a regular garden tractor. The manuverability is wonderful even for moving snow. They do have enough weight if it is properly put in the right location (i.e. on the rear tires, not the front). Many ZTR mowers are built "front heavy". Some are not.

    BUT wvbill is very correct that without chains and extra weights they are fairly hepless.
  5. stepadery

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    scrjunky6, wvbill, and bantam

    Well I went for the Hustler FasTrack 2052. After calling the manufacturer in Kansas, they expressed to me that they will be producing a blade for this machine before years end. I actually got to test drive one on some hilly terrain before purchashing it. It handeled great plus the grass was damp from the morning dew and it did better than I thought it would. Got it home that afternoon and of course had to try it out. It manuvered better than my brother in-laws Dixie Chopper. Let my wife try it out, she liked it maybe she will won't mind cutting now. It did not come with an hour meter though. As for the blade, it will come down to further research after thinking about the toll it might take on the machine.

    Thanks again,
  6. wvbill

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    The FasTrack was my close second choice to the JAZee I bought.

    Mine JAZee didn't come with an hour meter either so I bought a TinyTach from Northern Tool for $37.

    It has the added feature of being a tachometer when the engine is running.

    I know several people who have put them on their Compact Utility Tractors and say they work well. Mine's on the way now, I'll let you know how it works out.

  7. amrupp

    amrupp LawnSite Member
    from buffalo
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    With the money invested in any of the machines you're talking about, I would question why you would put any of them through the wear and tear of pushing snow. If you have room in your garage, why not just buy a walk-behind snowblower for about $800 new, or $400 used? Save the money you'd spend on a blade. A snowblower seems to be a lot better piece of equipment for the constant forward and backward motion of pushing snow, and you won't have to screw around with removing and replacing your deck every year.

    Just my opinion.
  8. stepadery

    stepadery LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the links to the hour meters.

    The more I think of it a snow blower might be the way to go.

    As soon as I sell the 14 year old Sears riding mower and the International Low Boy there is a good chance the one car garage I have them in now won't look so crowded.

  9. dvmcmrhp52

    dvmcmrhp52 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Personally I'm glad your moving away from trying to push snow with a ztr, They are not meant for it. If used for their intended purpose and well maintained they will last a long time for a homeowner.
  10. mowhigh

    mowhigh LawnSite Member
    from Dallas
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    wvbill, maybe bantam can confirm if the JAZee comes equipped with an hour meter (as indicated on their website). My dealer told me my Charger didn't (when neither of us could find it). But after checking the wiring diagram, I found it tucked inside the right fender (facing the seat). But the tiny tach seems like a good idea, anyway. Thanks for the link...

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