Whick Skidsteer?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by chris.outdoor, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. chris.outdoor

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    well first off my name is chris. i am going on my second year of business. I am looking to expand this year with a 1 ton dump and a skid. i have been operating equipment all my life so i know the in's and out's on machines. but i find my self in a quandry. iv run cat, kom, tak, deer, bobcat and asv. I love the cat for many reasons. I cant justafy spending 60k on a dealers lot for a skid. BUT i can get one with 100hrs for under 40k. here is my problem, im trying to figure out if i should invest in a track loader OR the compact track loader with all steel undercarrage... iv had the plastic bogey wheels fall off before and i like the all steel. but i find my self doing my landscaping 75% of the time. so the low ground pressure of the track loader is appealing.

    Looking for opinions on the all steel ungercarrage or the standard model. sorry for the long post. i do everything from new lawns, mulching, patios, driveways, demo, pads, house lots, loam, street work etc etc. thanks in advance
  2. Landrus2

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    You say this is your second year at it. try renting for a couple of years if you have lots of demand for that type of equipment. than buy but don’t forget it’s a week market
  3. AEL

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    If you landscape 75 % of the time get an asv or cat with the susp undercarrige. if you work in alot of abbrasive materials get a solid steel u/c.
  4. chris.outdoor

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    true it is a weak market. we will see how my pending maintenance goes. and its tough ground here in NH which is why i was thinking solid UC. its called the Granite State for a reason lol.
  5. swanny

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    all these opinions are enough to make your head spin, but the Loegering VTS track system is sometimes the best of both worlds for you landscapers. Just take into consideration the overall width of the tracks on the machine.

    Dedicated track system with suspension, two hour changeover to tires.

    Used machines and used VTS systems with low hours are much less than new.
  6. Hollowellreid

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    Whatever is the absolute best deal you can get. There is no reason at all to spend $40k on something you occasionally use. If you really hammer out a good deal you should be able to get something modern and pretty nice for under $10k. Search craigslist etc. There are deals out there.

    Some days I think we have made more money over the years making the "right" purchase and fixing our own equipment cheaply than we have doing contracting....
  7. chris.outdoor

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    This is true. i would have to say that i used a tracked skidsteer a solid 4 out of 5 months last summer on the 3 house lots and odd jobs i was doing. Also a friend of mine is ALWAYS looking for a skid to rent. so i could rent it out to him as a owner operator when he needs it. I use them on almost every job i do. Im mostly worried about which undercarriage to choose to limit down time, breakdowns and cost of repair.Not to mention i would use it alot for snow removal and i have an account that SHOULD have a skid steer on it. im heading to cat in the morning and see what they say also. IE price of parts on each undercarriage and expected hours you can get out of them. I NEVER beat on machines or put them in areas that could potentially cause a breakdown. we shall see
  8. AEL

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    Do not get a solid u/c machine for snow removal, ecspecially if your lots are not flat.
  9. chris.outdoor

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    most are flat. why u say that? just asking.
  10. bighornjd

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    Because they pretty much suck in the snow...

    A wheeled machine is best for snow, especially with dedicated snow tires, track machines don't have enough ground psi to get decent traction. There are tracks with different tread designs that offer a slight improvement, but if you wanna move a lot of snow, like with a lrge pushbox, traction will be an issue. The susp UC's seem to do a bit better in the snow, probably in between a solid UC and tires.

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