While mowing last year I hit the lowest of lows...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcplace2004, Apr 17, 2007.

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    When I looked up and there were 5 different mowing outfits darn near within rock-throwing distance. I was embarrassed and felt lower than a possom's belly. I later examined the way I felt and determined that the very thing that many of the large companies had worked so hard for the many past years are being undermined by LBs...there were no Bull$hit ebooks online showing that any criminal monkey can make a living mowing lawns - just great ideas and blood, sweat, and tears. Now, as the gates open for the spring, I see more LBs ready to be the fire ants of society and business world. Anybody can mow a lawn, therefore, and from seeing others, know for a fact that people go up to potential clients and say "What is that other outfit charging you? - Elevator Music - Well, how bout I charge you this (lower amount)..........................there are few options to add - maybe juggle while mowing dressed like a clown...dress in a monkey costume to play the part correctly...how bout rap on a loud speaker while mowing...I cannot prove it, but as the crime goes up in this city, so does the amount of lawn maintenance ops...hmmmm, a link? If one cannot get a job at McD's what can onedo but push a mower. Most outfits are illegal in every way...the people (illegal aliens), the fact of no licenses, etc. Pathetic. Most people are skating on thin ice with no medical insurance for their families. Most people cannot afford 800 dollars a month for medical insurance. But, most don't care if they are skating on thin ice, as they do this all day, every day, anyway. The field has become congested to the point of absurdity. Usually, when person obtains accounts, it is through deception and shady ethical standards. Let the LB'g begin.
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    So all the new guys are criminals? You are new arent you? So all I can conclude is your a criminal as well. Makes as much sence as this thread doesnt it?
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    This weakening economy I've been harping about for the last few years seems to be reaching on into the stronger economic areas now, and some of the rest of the members here are starting to feel the burn too.

    See, a lot of what is feeding this mess is 'common labor' employees out of work.
    Just regular folks that have lost their job, but aren't afraid of work.

    These jobs have been flying out of this country at a blinding rate.
    They can't find a job, so they make one for themselves trying to get by.
    They don't have a clue about running a business and it's a mess.
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    Everyone has their own reasons for staring a little lawn business. Either you lost your job, can't find anything else, think its the cheap way to go, or even a criminal that just can't get a job. What ever the case may be, you don't know BUSINESS unless you get in to the BUSINESS.
    The part timers should pose no threat for numerous reasons. They think it is cheap "grab a mower, trimmer, and blower and I am in business". Not that easy. A real business man(one who knows more about the business than just cutting a bunch of green stuff on someones property till it grows back, then doing it over again and expecting other green stuff as a reward) knows that that is not the case. Its the management, public relations, advertisement, logistics, employees, working capital, working equiptment, down time, estimates, bid processes, getting them to sign, keeping them happy to build your customer base. The list goes on and on.
    Don't worry about common labor. Common laborers will always be common laborers. They will try to be more but will fail. They were put on this earth as common laborers and nothing else. They will quickly find how hard this industry is to break through and quickly give up. They don't want to type up bills and fix broken equiptment at 11pm while their buddies are partying.

    Their clients will soon be yours
  5. dcplace2004

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    In fact, I have a secret security clearance. Not one crime in my background. Well, talking to you I guess I am guilty by association. LMAO...Is that you business name, lawnman scott? Lawnman scott here, at your service! Pshh Pshh Blip Blip! I am what people with addiction problems call a "normie." Last year, I spoke with an LCO with a dishonorable discharge from the Army. You have to do some pretty bad $hit to get that. Just recently, I learned of a contractor with meth in his background and charges pending. These idiots are on people's property around people's children...I would not hire you until you showed me recent background check. In and out of state.
  6. dcplace2004

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    They do find there way out of the business quickly...point taken...
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    It doesn't matter anymore though because the supply is just inexhaustable.
    Every time one quits, 3 more start.

    We are making the transition towards a service based economy.
    People who used to have a job somewhere producing a product are now making the transition into manual labor services. What else are they going to do?
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    My thing is how can anyone make money doing a professional job in this field when you have guys driving lawn tractors and wagons down the street doing lawns for $10 less than you. No insurance, no license, no business ownership certificate, don't pay taxes, etc. Really pisses me off but yet on the same end, I dont know whether to really start busting these guys out because atleast they are working instead of sitting on their arses like have of the country collecting free money.....:hammerhead:

    I do everything the right way and wish everyone else did too, and we would all be better off! :usflag: :usflag: :usflag:

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