white and yellow?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DUSTYCEDAR, Apr 5, 2006.


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    was out working today and it was a light snow buy the time i got to the front yard it was looking like this and boy was it cold about 35 with wind

  2. dcgreenspro

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    dusty, i feel your pain. was doing the same thing, i just pulled the truck into mcdonalds and waited. then aerified. did you get it done?;)
  3. turfsolutions

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    I walked into Hilltop and it was snowing like crazy. By the time I got out, (you know Jim, Yap Yap Yap) it was blue skies. After a slow start I aerated, overseeded, and fertilized 3 lawns by 4 oclock. Man I love that you know what.


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